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17 May 2021

FOLLOWING last year’s hybrid © DR added Mariupolis 2, by the late
Marché du Film event, the Lithuanian director, Mantas
2022 edition of the market arm The market is almost unrecognisable from from the TF1 Group where he was head of Kvedaravičius, to its Cannes 2022 roster.
of the Festival has more than when he joined the organisation 27 years innovation. Before that, he was head of The documentary depicts life as it
ago. marketing for the startup studio Wefound. continues under the Russian bombing of
“The only comparison is that the basement Digital innovations to the Marché this year Ukraine “with scenes that convey both
11,000 registered attendees existed,” recalled Paillard. “The Marché was also include a focus on online producing tragedy and hope”.
due to be in Cannes in person, going into just that with some porno booths, so it’s and an online exhibition. The film serves as a sequel to
the event. quite different. Not only did the industry Less than 10% of attendees registered are Kvedaravičius’ 2016 film Mariupolis.
“The expectations are that we will match change but the Marché changed to embrace only online this year. He returned to Mariupol, on the south-
the 2019 figures by the end of the market all of the market in Cannes. Bringing Despite a Monday morning hitch when east coast of Ukraine, in February 2022,
with many delegates hesitating until the last services, events and tools, also for the servers crashed, disrupting accreditation once again to document the lives of
minute because of the pandemic and the producers, in combination with the pick-ups, Paillard said: “We are very happy people and the city, now under Russian
Ukraine war,” said Paillard, who talked of international villages, which developed a with the registration figures. We expect a lot invasion. Kvedaravičius was captured
plans, post-Marché — teaching flying, lot.” of people to register on-site. Many people, and murdered by the Russian army in
attending festivals, consulting to the Today’s international pavilions that line the with this situation, were hesitating until the Mariupol on April 2.
Marché and remaining involved with boardwalk, giving a home to international last minute. But during the last two weeks His fiancée, Hanna Bilobrova, who was
Ventana Sur. delegations from all over the world, did not we have seen a boom in numbers,” he said. with him at the time, brought back the
Notably absent this year is China, with exist back then. What can we expect from the 2022 edition. footage he shot there before his death
some 800 attendees unable to participate. “It was just the US and Canada,” he said. “There are a lot of highlights this year,” and put the film together with
“But we still expect to make 2019 figures of “And not on the beach.” added Esmiol. “First of all it is that we are Kvedaravičius’ editor Dounia Sichov.
12,500 attendees,” he said. This year, the Marché has introduced its back to a physical market. The first trend is A PhD in anthropology, Kvedaravičius
This year, there are 1,500 screenings with first ever Country of Honour, India, which that we are having a strong market which wanted to tell his story “as far as possible
1,200 in Cannes, and the rest online. There will also host the Marché party on May 18. wasn’t guaranteed at all. What’s still a from the agitation of the media and the
are 360 physical booths with about 170 “The festival is 75 this year, and India is question is, with movie theatre admissions politicians”. In his production notes he
companies having online booths. celebrating 75 years of independence,” said down, what will business be like? We will explained the mood of the people of
“It’s definitely not a hybrid market this year, Guillaume Esmiol who was named see in the coming days what the demand is, Mariupol at the time of filming: “None
but there are key offerings online including co-executive director for the Marché for and prices. It’s the first big physical market of [the] inhabitants feared death, even
the ability to watch all conferences online 2022. He will take the helm in 2023. for a long time so a lot of trends will be when it was there. Death was already
also after the event and virtual booths,” Esmiol helped transform the Marché into a revealed.” ✦ present and nobody wanted to die to no
Paillard said. hybrid event for 2020 and 2021. He joined avail… There no longer was any past or
Liza Foreman future, no judging, no implying
anything. It was heaven in hell, the
DIWAN TO DIRECT EMMANUELLE, SEYDOUX delicate wings of the butterfly fluttering
TO STAR, ZLOTOWSKI TO CO-WRITEOLDEN Lion winner and closer and closer to one another, the
Sabri Louatah. Her fourth film, An Easy smell of death in its raw dimension. It
BAFTA Award-nominated Girl, premiered in Directors’ Fortnight in was the heartbeat of life.”
filmmaker Audrey Diwan 2018 and won the SACD Prize. She is Mariupolis 2 is produced and directed by
currently in post-production on Other Mantas Kvedaravičius and co-directed by
G(Happening) is set to Hanna Bilobrova. Production companies
company), producers on the film. Diwan’s are Studio Uljana Kim (Lithuania),
feature debut, Losing It (2019) starred Pio Extimacy Films (Lithuania), Easy Riders
Marmaï and Céline Sallette. Her second, Films (France), and Twenty Twenty
Happening, adapted from Annie Ernaux’s Vision (Germany).
Founded in 2006 by Michael Weber,
make her English-language book recounting her illegal abortion in the People’s Children. Marion Delord and Reinhard Brundig and Karl
Baumgartner, The Match Factory is an
directorial debut with Emmanuelle, 1960s, features a cast of stellar emerging Reginald de Guillebon are producing international arthouse sales company
based in Cologne, Germany. ✦
inspired by the character and world of French acting talent (Anamaria Vartolomei, Eloise’s Journey by Murielle Magellan,
Julian Newby
Emmanuelle Arsan’s novel, based on a Kacey Mottet-Klein, Luana Bajrami) and is which should be released by SND this

script co-developed by Diwan and Rebecca an international critical and commercial summer. International sales are handled by

Zlotowski (An Easy Girl). Léa Seydoux will success. The film received the Golden Lion SND in Cannes. De Guillebon and Delord

star as Emmanuelle in the film. Wild Bunch at the 2021 Venice Film Festival, four César produced The Swallows of Kabul which

International and CAA Media Finance will Award nominations, and a BAFTA Award was at Un Certain Regard at the 2019

introduce the project to buyers on nomination, among other honours. Cannes Film Festival. They are associate

Wednesday, May 18, in Cannes at an Zlotowski’s credits include the award- producers with executive producers Lucile

exclusive presentation featuring Diwan. winning Belle Epine (Dear Prudence), Ric and Charles Philippe, via the

Adaptation rights for Emmanuelle Arsan’s Grand Central and The Summoning. In production company Les films du clan, of

book were acquired by Chantelouve 2019, she directed her first mini-series, the film Jacky Caillou, which opens this

(Marion Delord and Reginald de Savages (Les Sauvages), for Canal Plus, year’s ACID section on Wednesday. ✦

Guillebon’s newly created production co-written and adapted from a novel by Vincent Le Leurch

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