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19 May 2022





Studios, is launching new theatrical Who are you and what do you do? enjoy lunches and dinners, and most Pia Patatian © DR
releases to the international market in I’m Pia Patatian, the senior vice president importantly, we sell incredible films so
Cannes. 2 is the sequel to of sales at Capstone Global, the that they can be enjoyed by audiences all few years?
Philippe Lacheau ‘s 2017 hit comedy independent financing, production and around the world. What is there to Not attending Cannes for two years felt
— about a company that provides worldwide sales company. Over the years, complain about? really strange. After so many years
alibis to dishonest or unfaithful clients I’ve sold many films for Capstone, meeting our clients and friends four or
— that was released to some 100 including the Gerard Butler actioner What’s on your Cannes slate and five times a year, and building links with
territories worldwide. Kandahar, Silent Night, starring Joel what are your goals? them, and suddenly not being able to
Currently in production with Axel Films Kinnaman, which is the first U.S. action We have a Marché slate this year that we meet in person for two years was difficult.
Production and BAF Prod, 2 film in over a decade to be directed by are eager to discuss with buyers in person. My first festival after lockdown was San
is scheduled for theatrical release in filmmaker, John Woo and Prisoner’s We recently launched Stefon Bristol’s new Sebastian in 2021. It was great to see
2023. Daughter, a dramatic thriller being action-thriller, Breathe, starring Sam everyone again. Can’t wait to be back on
The John Galliano Project (working directed by Catherine Hardwicke, with Worthington, Milla Jovovich and Jennifer the Croisette.
title) by Kevin MacDonald, tells the Kate Beckinsale and Brian Cox. Hudson. We’re excited about this project
story of Dior’s ex-star designer. which we produced and financed with our What are your best and worst
Produced by TF1 Studio and KGB Films, What are your best Cannes friends and partners at Thunder Road. It Cannes films?
with support from Condé Nast, the memories? will start shooting in July. We also Best Cannes films? Several have won the
film also gets a 2023 release. Attending the Capernaum premiere in launched international sales on the action Palme d’Or: In the Mood for Love, The
MacDonald’s film focuses on Galliano’s Cannes with director Nadine Labaki. It film, Boy Kills World, from producer Sam Piano, Thelma and Louise, Cinema
work while looking deeper into his was a special moment. There was a Raimi, starring Bill Skarsgård, Michelle Paradiso, Dancer in the Dark, Cold War,
character and the the events that led standing ovation at the Palais lasting Dockery and Famke Janssen. It’s a Mon Roi, The Salt of the Earth, De rouille
him to make his well-documented more than 10 minutes. As a woman of “dystopian fever dream”. It is going to be et d’os, The Artist, Caramel. ✦
anti-semitic remarks. Lebanese descent, I am proud of Nadine’s fun to discuss with buyers. We are also
Through interviews with some of his achievements in the film industry. presenting first-look promos of Kandahar, Liza Foreman
closest friends and family as well as the action film that we produced with
leading figures from the world of What are your worst Cannes Thunder Road, and the comedy, The But badly, or too little, the woman who
music and fashion and Galliano memories? Estate, which stars Toni Collette and Anna fought very early on for animal
I don’t have any worst memories in Faris. We have a diverse slate that will serve conditions when this fight was hardly
Cannes. Cannes is such a fun, distinctive all demographics as audiences head back carried out, even mocked,” Bary said.
and unique city. There is a special light to the cinema. “We want to make a film that can
that you cannot find anywhere else. We reason with current generations who
meet with distributors from all over the The pandemic. How have you felt don’t necessarily know her well. Bardot
world who have become like family. We about not attending Cannes for a will also delve into the fate of this
woman who had many grey areas —
himself, MacDonald paints a picture of who attempted suicide several times,
and had a long and complex relationship
the man behind the fashion with motherhood. And who assumed —
ahead of her time — a sexual freedom,
phenomenon and his quest for Bardot: profiling the and a freedom in general, even if it was
redemption. beauty and the beasts shocking, particularly with her many
TF1 Studios is also presenting new WE know BB, an marriages.” Bary has for reference the
titles Tiger’s Nest by Brando Quilici indomitable and documentary Bardot. The 90- to documentaries about Amy Winehouse
and Country Cabaret, by Jean-Pierre untamed 100-minute film, which will soon go into or Alexander McQueen. Brigitte Bardot
Améris. cinematographic production with a €1-1.5m budget, will will participate in the project, testify and
Quilici’s Italian feature is a story of be penned by Alain Berliner (Ma vie en entrust personal documents, in close
love and friendship between a young collaboration with her foundation.
orphan and a tiger cub. The film is icon. But do we Rose) and will be the subject of a Berliner, for this his first documentary,
produced by HD Productions and will bring his cinematographic
Medusa Film. know her well? Her pioneering fight for co-production between Timpel Pictures perspective to the project, while
And Jean-Pierre Améris’ French contemporary artists will take on the
comedy Country Cabaret, produced endangered animals, for example, or (Nicolas Bary, France) and Featuristic songs of this original and inspired
by Escazal Films, tells the true story of performer. ✦
a farmer who, in order to save his why she gave up her career to work for Films (Julien Loeffler, United Kingdom). François-Pier Pelinard-Lambert

this fight, making headlines worldwide Various international sellers have shown

while she was highly criticized. It is this interest in the project. “Like many

double look that will define cinema people, I knew the actress and the myth.

business, opens the first farm cabaret.

And images from Christian Duguay’s

highly anticipated new film Ride

Above will be unveiled in Cannes this

year. The film is produced by TF1

Studio, Nolita Films and Pathé and PICTURES : © DR

released in France on December 21.✦ Alain Berliner Nicolas Bary Julien Loeffler
Julian Newby

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