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22 May 2022
Sonovision launches
platform for classic CANNES Polly Staniford
Polish movies CONFIDENTIAL (left) and Angie Fielder

Polly © DR
Staniford &
Angie Fielder


© DRSAndrzej Wadja filming Ziemia obiecana (The Promised Land) in 1974 Your job title? Who is your favourite female
ONOVISION, the Polish directors in all genres and more than Producers
sales and distribution 3,000 compilations chronicling Polish This year is Jérôme
company, is launching what it film from 1945 to 1994. Astrological sign Paillard’s last edition of
claims to be the first VOD All the films on the platform have been Marché du Film. What
platform of its kind, dedicated digitally reconstructed and are available Both Aquarians, hence our would you like to say to
to Polish film. in HD. The platform also offers audio company name him?
Over 4,000 unique, digitised and description, transcription and subtitles in
reconstructed film items, including Polish and English. You were born on… Merci beaucoup!
classic Polish feature films, documentaries The library will be
and archive material, are to be made constantly updated with new items from 9th February and 14th February Are online markets and
available on a new platform that is being the WFDiF archive — both digitally festivals here to stay?
presented in Cannes. Work from Polish reconstructed films and contemporary  Your three favourite films
legends including Andrzej Wajda, productions. The collection is designed of the last 12 months? Yes! COVID has shown us the
Krzysztof Kieślowski, Krzysztof Zanussi, “to contribute to the popularisation and power of Zoom to connect but
Andrzej Munk — and many more promotion of Polish culture”, according CODA, Mothering Sunday, The nothing beats meetings in person
— feature on the platform. to the WFDiF. Lost Daughter and seeing/ launching films with
The owner and operator of the platform, The platform is available as a real audience
known as, is the Warsaw a web or mobile application and will soon W  hat can we expect from
Documentary and Feature Film Studio be available on smart TVs. It is currently your company Outside of Cannes what is
(WFDiF), the oldest public film free of charge, but to watch premium at Cannes this year? your favourite film festival
producer in Poland — a historic films, users must create an account. and why?
institution which has been producing Licenses to the films can also be acquired, Pitching some great projects and
Polish films for over 70 years. for general distribution and for use by reconnecting with the Sundance – love Park City and
The platform offers digitised and schools, universities and other international industry after two the energy of the festival
reconstructed films from leading Polish institutions. ✦ years of no travel
Julian Newby Movie theatres are…
 Y our weirdest Cannes
moment? Dark and magical. Our happy
Getting roped into participating
in a circus performance while What are your immediate
having dinner in one of the side post-Marché du Film plans?
Three-day company strategy in a
How bad has COVID-19 villa in the South of France
harmed the industry? before heading back home

Filmmakers are incredibly How many stamps on your
resilient and as producers we’re passport?
always rising to challenges. It’s
amazing that despite the 25
enormous setbacks presented by
the global pandemic, brilliant How long did it take you
films have continued to be made to answer these questions?

LsIfainyydotuoonch,owiumhld?amt weeotulVdinycoeunt 15 minutes

© EUROPEAN FILM PROMOTION/KURT KRIEGER Producers On The Move 2022 - from left:
Felipe Lage Coro (Spain), Vladimír Lhoták (Czech
Republic), Judith Lou Lévy (France), Derk-Jan Warrink
(The Netherlands), Jakub Viktorín (Slovak Republic),
Ioanna Bolomyti (Greece), Evelin Penttilä (Estonia),
Alessandro Amato (Italy), Diana Paroiu (Romania),
Stefan Eichenberger (Switzerland), Maarten Schmidt
(Belgium), Darya Bassel (Ukraine), Marija Dimitrova
(North Macedonia), Janina Teerling (Cyprus), Katya
Trichkova (Bulgaria), Jessie Fisk (Ireland), Ketie
Danelia (Georgia), Johannes Schubert (Austria),
and Kuba Kosma (Poland).
Not pictured are: Alexander Wadouh (Germany)
and Andrea Berentsen Ottmar (Norway).

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