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NEWS                                                                                                   Tuesday 8 May 2018
                                                                                                                                   DAY 1

                SINO-                           CANNES Q&A:
                MEETINGS                        STEVE LEE JONES
                RETURNS TO
                CANNES                          EMMY NOMINATED PRODUCER

                FOR THE third year running, the Marché   What was your first Cannes   expect, since it deals with the launch of
                du Film, and the Sino-European producers   and what were you doing then?  the fitness industry that has become an
                association, Bridging the Dragon,  My first connection to Cannes was when   obsession the world over. The brothers
                will be organising the Sino-International   my wonderful director George Gallo had   who launched this industry many decades
                Company Meetings, in collaboration   a film  launching in the market called   ago hobbled together eight Canadian
                with the French audiovisual body, CNC.  Middle Men. It was a huge hit for   dollars and then spent every waking hour
                The meetings will take place on Friday,   Paramount and a lot of fun. I think that   fighting against conventional wisdom to
                May 11, from 22:00 to 00:30 at the CNC   was 2010. I was busy producing You   prove, what we all know today… that
                space at the Gray d’Albion beach.  Don’t Know Jack that wonderfully was   working out is in fact good for the mind
                The idea is to introduce key players  nominated for a few awards including   and body. It contains very contemporary
                from the Chinese industry to select   13 Emmys and two Golden Globes.  themes infused within it, as Joe and Ben
                international production companies,  Al Pacino won the Golden Globe   Weider were so ahead of their time;
                in order to encourage cross-fertilisation.  and the Emmy for his performance.   equality, inclusion and fairness to all no    Steve Lee Jones
                Included are: The Coproduction Office,   That was a great year.  matter their race, creed or sexual
                RAI Cinema, Globalgate Entertainment,                          orientation were the cornerstones of their   international interest, so the buyers
                Cine Asia, Filmax, Alcatraz Films, Norway’s   What is your focus this year?  corporate mantra. We are also going to   that come to Cannes are in for a unique
                Maipo and the German visual effects   This year, we are focused on our project   announce two important new films, and   experience, as Bigger is the first
                studio Rise Pictures.           Bigger, which is near and dear to us.   another that will be my directorial debut.   mainstream scripted film about
                From Asia, Jeffrey Chan (Bona Film Group,   Directed by George Gallo the film stars   A dream of mine will be actualised!   the world of fitness ever.
                Just Creative Studio) will participate,   Julianne Hough(Footloose, Dirty                     Tannaz Anisi at 13 Films is our sales
                alongside exhibitor Dadi Film — one   Grandpa), Tyler Hoechlin (Fifty Shades   How does Cannes help your   agent on the film and we  think they
                of the largest Chinese cinema chains.   Freed, Road to Perdition), Tom Arnold,   business?    are doing a great job.
                Dadi operates over 4,000 screens and is  DJ Qualls (Amazon’s The Man in the   As the international frontrunner of
                a growing distributor and content   High Castle, Hustle & Flow), Robert   quality filmmaking, Cannes provides   What other markets/festivals
                producer. Other players include WD   Forster (London Has Fallen, Showtime’s   a wonderful venue for us to showcase   do you attend?
                Pictures, from the team behind Jackie   Twin Peaks), Victoria Justice   our film. The film will screen for buyers   Sundance, Toronto, SXSW — but
                Chan’s Skiptrace. Spire Media from   (Nickelodeon’s Victorious).  for the very first time and that is super   Cannes is something truly special.
                veteran producers Chen Lizhi and Claudia   Andy Weiss (upcoming White Boy Rick),   exciting. The Weider brothers founded
                Jiang, who recently co-produced the   George Gallo, Brad Furman (The Lincoln   The International Federation of   Best and worst Festival memories?
                Zhang Yimou drama Shadow, and Beijing-  Lawyer) and Ellen Brown Furman (The   Bodybuilding which has more than 191   Worst are the ones that end up in the
                based post house Base (Monster Hunt).  Infiltrator) wrote the film that I produced   member countries today. In the last five   tabloid press, that depict industry folks
                A Sino-European Networking Party,   with Scott LaStaiti (The Infiltrator,   years it has grown exponentially in leaps   acting poorly. Rare but memorable.
                hosted by the Netherlands and Catalunya   Love in the Time of Cholera).  and bounds. Social media is full of   Best are when a film that has the heart
                Film Commissions, will follow on May 12   It’s an elegant looking period piece,   pictures of proud physical specimens.   and soul of its filmmakers written all
                at the Dutch Pavilion.✦    Liza Foreman  that is so much more than anyone would   It’s in the zeitgeist and it has a VERY   over it, wins, and wins big! ✦    LF

                 Why the film industry needs to know about blockchain

                         BLOCKCHAIN is                the gate to understand SMTP   blockchain, I welcome them,” Hyman   “I think this question is tough to answer,
                         a digitised,                   (Simple Mail Transfer   said. “But alas, there’s no easy way   because it depends on the ultimate goal
                         decentralised,                  Protocol), but one did   to truly understand how the internet   of our users,” Hyman said. “For some,
                         public ledger                    see an entire world rejoice   protocol now known as blockchain   our technology appeals to investors who
                 A of transactions                        in the notion of     works, without bringing up words such   want to monitor spend and reduce costs
                made in cryptocurrencies,                 transmitting one message   as ‘nodes’, ’hashing’ or ‘cryptographic   and receive immediate payments.
                allowing people to keep                   to another           algorithms’. The best takeaway is that   For creatives, IP protection and piracy are
                track of digital currency                instantaneously,”     blockchains enable the immediate   primary concerns. At its core, we are
                transactions without central            said Daniel Hyman,     sharing of data and information across   providing a framework of technology
                record keeping.                       Vice-President, Entertainment   all aspects of a supply chain, and for the   that will bring an unprecedented level
                originally developed as the    SingularDTV’s   Finance and Development at   industry, that would be the entire chain   of efficiency and transparency in
                accounting method for Bitcoin,   Dan Hyman   SingularDTV, a Swiss company   of digital distribution of film.” He added:   a historically convoluted workflow.
                the use of blockchains has since spread   that helps filmmakers fundraise, develop   “The benefits range from transparency   We want filmmakers, producers and
                to a number of commercial applications.  and distribute using blockchain   in accounting, to targeted marketing   investors alike to be able, if they so
                So WHY is the film industry so keen   technology. “We do, however, now live   spend, to efficiency for payments and   choose, to have confidence and visibility
                to understand this very recent   in an age of transparency, visibility   royalties to settle as quickly as content   in every step of the distribution process.
                application of digital technology?
                                                                               is streamed.”
                                                                                                              We believe that when that happens,
                                               and communication and with that
              ©JILL WACHTER FOR SINGULARDTV / DR  Blockbuster video chain turned down   intricacies of new technology.”  the film business and filmmakers in a   SingularDTV has joined the Marché du Film’s
                                                                                                                                  Julian Newby
                Well, think back 20 years when the
                                                                                                              everyone benefits.” ✦
                                                                               Blockchain technology can help
                                               comes an urge to understand the
                                                                               number of areas, including IP protection,
                                               In CANNES this year, SingularDTV aims
                the chance to acquire Netflix for $50m.
                Nobody wants to make mistakes
                                               to go “beyond the hype” by showing
                                                                               DRM, contracting, micropayments
                                                                                                              NEXT programme, which focuses on
                                                                                                              technological developments in the industry.
                                                                               and distribution. But is there one
                like that again.
                                               how blockchain can bring added value
                                                                                                              The company has scheduled a series of panels
                “I find this particular question fascinating
                                               to the film industry, by sharing best
                                                                               principal role it can play in the industry
                                                                                                              and a networking session, starting with
                                               practices in a series of panels.
                                                                               or does it go across all elements
                because when email was first invented,
                                                                                                              Blockchain Blockbusters on Wednesday,
                one never saw thousands banging at
                 4   NEWS                      “For those who want to understand   with equal importance?     May 9 at 11.30 in the NEXT conference room.
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