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NEWS                                                                                                Thursday 16 May 2019
                                                                                                                                   DAY 3

                 CINEMA                            CANNES                                                                        Charles Bin (left)

                 LIBRE HITS                        CONFIDENTIAL                                                                  with Martin
                 WITH                               Charles Bin

                 DIVERSE                            &Martin

                 SLATE                              Gondre                                                                                 © DR

                          INEMA Libre International
                          is bringing a strong line-up   Your job titles?        and balancing the other! Ideal   still have the excitement of a
                                                                                 hour being the one that does not
                                                                                                               major international film festival
                          of films to the Marché,   Co-founders of Best Friend   prevent you either to party with   while having the luxury of having
                          starting with Imprisoned, a   Forever, a brand new Brussels-  friends, nor to be efficient the   the time and place to meet
                  C revenge drama starring         based outfit of Indie Sales,   next morning!                properly the people.
                 Laurence Fishburne. The film is set for   focused on bringing carefully
                 theatrical release in the US and Latin   selected arthouse films to the   Where are your favourite  Are the digital platforms
                 America. Directed by Paul Kampf, and   international market!    spots to dine in Cannes?      the future of the cinema
                 produced by Equitas’ Holly Levow and                            Salsa Rossa, a small Italian   industry?
                 Tom Sperry, whose mission aligns with   Astrological sign?      restaurant at the Marché Forville,   They’re obviously part of the
                 Cinema Libre’s to make positive social   Cancer and Sagittarius. The   run by an Italian couple just like   future of the industry. It’s a new
                 impact through films, the team took   internet says it’s not the best   at home! The best pizza and   opportunity for sales agents,
                 measures to ensure gender pay equity.   combination — one that doesn’t   grilled sea bass in town.  producers and directors. But it
                 Other titles for sale include Creating   try anything has nothing!                            will never replace the prestige
                 Woodstock. More than three decades in                           Your weirdest Cannes          and press linked to festival
                                                                                                               exposure or the theatre
                 the making, this documentary by Mick   You both were born on…   moment?                       experience. For young directors, if
                 Richards, shares the behind-the-scenes   Wild at Heart was Palme d’Or this   More awkward is definitely the   you manage to have a major
                 story of how the 1969 concert came to be,   year.               Official Selection protocol   platform, while having the
                 despite enormous obstacles. It is timed for                     meeting last year. Quick gossip on   opportunity to showcase the film
                 release to commemorate the 50th   Your three favourite films    the festival bag, of which we   in festivals around the world,
                                                                                 were not the biggest fan, before
                 anniversary of the concert. Meanwhile,   of the last 12 months?  discovering that our interlocutor   then you have a good combo.
                 The Advocates focuses on the homelessness   Girl by Lukas Dhont, The Wild   was the one who designed it...
                 crises in Los Angeles. Up to 54,000 people   Boys by Bertrand Mandico and   Oops.             What are your
                                                                                                               post-Festival plans?
                 are unhoused on any given night. The   Good Manners by Juliana Rojas
                 situation is examined through the eyes of   and Marco Dutra.    Majestic, Carlton             Martin’s family have a lovely
                 caseworkers who struggle to find affordable                     or Airbnb?                    house in Nice. Perfect location to
                 housing for their clients. Rémi Kessler   What can we expect from  Airbnb and Petit Majestic!   get rid of those nasty dark circles,
                                                                                                               getting our voices back, and come
                 directs. Master, meanwhile, tells the story   your company at Cannes                          back to Brussels good as new…
                 of an 84-year-old Kung Fu Grandmaster,   this year?             What would you like
                 Zhou Ting Jue whose past remains   A wonderful launch for Best   to say to Alejandro          How many stamps
                 shrouded in mystery. Living in Southern   Friend Forever with our first slate!   González Iñárritu?  on your passport?
                 California for the last 20 years, Master   We are thrilled to have the
                                                   chance to begin with a Cannes
                 Zhou has cultivated a loyal clientele,   title, Oleg in Directors’ Fortnight.   Have you met Juris Kursietis the   Martin lacks pages, Charles’ is
                                                                                 great director of Oleg? Joke
                                                                                                               brand new (lost in Berlinale this
                 including A-list celebrities, musicians, and   Come meet your new BFF: we are   aside, we would share with him   year!).
                 athletes, who seek out his Qi Gong healing   right in front of the Palais!    all our admiration. His first films
                 technique. When his granddaughter Jun                           were so important to us.      How long did it take you to
                 Zhou, develops a passion for Kung Fu, she   When do you usually go                            answer these questions?
                 begins to inquire about Zhou’s secretive   to bed on a typical night   Outside of Cannes what   Not that long — two brains for
                 past. The pair journey to remote areas of   during the Festival?  is your favourite film      the price of one!
                 China and the Wu Dang Mountain where   We’ve got different policies about   festival and why?
                 some of the mysteries are revealed.✦   this: Martin way too early, Charles   We love Rotterdam, and then
                                     Liza Foreman  way too late, each one watching   Karlovy Vary and Locarno. You

                 FALLING is Viggo Mortensen’s
                 directorial debut, exploring the                                                                                           © CAITLIN CRONENBERG
                 fractures and contrasts that make up a
                 modern family in an intimate drama
                 about a son’s relationship with his
                 ageing father. Key cast includes Viggo
                 Mortensen, Lance Henriksen, Laura
                 Linney, Sverrir Gudnason Hannah Gross
                 and Terry Chen. Falling is produced by
                 Daniel Bekerman of Scythia Films and
                 Chris Curling of Zephyr Films together
                 with Mortensen, who previously
                 produced Everyone Has a Plan, Far
                 From Men and Jauja through Perceval
                 Pictures. HanWay Films is handling
                 international sales and distribution,
                 and UTA Independent Film Group is
                 overseeing the US sale.

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