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                                                                                                                        Friday 17 May 2019

                     Marché du film                         VILLAGE

                            NEXT                            INTERNATIONAL

                         11:00 – 12:30
                  Inside The Blockchain Video-On-Demand     EVERY DAY, A FOCUS ON A PAVILION AT THE VILLAGE
                           Distribution                     INTERNATIONAL. TODAY, AMPAV EXPANDS LGBT FOCUS
                            Speakers                        AT 2019 FEST.
                   • Sam Klebanov (Cinezen Blockchained
                      Entertainment AB) – Sweden
                 • Haaris Tulchin (Haaris Tulchin & Associates)
                             – USA
                  • Evgenia Borisova (Cinezen Blockchained
                      Entertainment AB) – Sweden
                       Conference Room, Palais -1
                         12:30 – 13:30
                     International Casting In The Era
                        Of New Technologies
                   • Daria Tienbush (CastingForm) – USA
                       Conference Room, Palais -1

                      DOC CORNER

                         11:00 – 12:40
                        Experts Consultations
                            Doc Corner
                         15:45 – 16:45
                            Doc Meets                                                                                                      © ÉRIC BONTÉ/1000IMAGES
                            Doc Corner
                                                                 Independent producer Tracey Bing of Badabing Productions speaking to participants of the American Pavilion student programme
                         16:00 – 16:45
                Pitches On The Go - La Fabrique Cinema 2019
                      Doc Corner Screening Room              ONCE AGAIN, AMPAV IS HOSTING A LARGE
                         17:00 - 18:00                       NUMBER OF INITIATIVES INVOLVING US
                   Doc Talks Hosted By Visions Du Reel
                            Speakers                         COMPANIES AND STUDENTS.
                     • Alessandra Celesia (Filmmaker)
                     • Kirill Mikhanovsky (Filmmaker)
                           Moderator                                      UR focus has   hardworking trailblazers: Alex McFry   both business and to also be able
                     • Emilie Bujes (Visions du Réel)                     always been   and Julie Tjalas. They will participate   relax in our incredibly comfortable
                                                                          and continues   in our Worldwide Student Program.   surroundings on the Croisette,” Sisk
                                                                          to be for the   This is an exciting opportunity for us   adds. “We are thrilled to be a
                        CANNES XR                            ‘‘O American              to support two gifted filmmakers   companion to the world-class
                         13:30 – 15:30                      Pavilion to serve as an oasis of   and activities, working to change our   Cannes Film Festival, here for those
                     Tribeca Immersive @ Cannes XR          American hospitality and   world for the better.” Women   in the business of bringing films to
                             Projects                       communication at the Cannes Film   filmmakers are also front and centre   the world.” Programming includes
                    • Another Dream (Ado Ato Pictures)      Festival,” says Julie Sisk, the   at AmPav this year. “Each year our   executives and moderators from
                      • Armonia (Potential Synergy)         American Pavilion’s (AmPav)   team expands our reach looking for   IMDb, Amazon Studios, Indiewire,
                         • Ayahusca (Atlas V)
                 • 12 Seconds of Gunfire (The Washington Post)  founder and director. “Each year,  we   innovative filmmakers to spotlight   The Wrap, XYZ Films, Disney,
                        • 7 Lives (Red Corner)              work to bring together professional   for our Emerging Filmmaker   WME, Roadside Attractions LLC,
                        Cannes XR Hub, Palais -1            and emerging filmmakers with   showcases. I think our team has   Film Independent, Ribbow Media,

                         16:00 – 17:00                      industry executives from across the   outdone themselves this year with 29   The Wild Immersion VR, Simulated
                  Partnership Options For Distributing And   globe, and with our glowing list of   fascinating and unique short films,   Reality, LLC,  Zambezi Partners,
                       Financing Cinematic VR               global sponsors, top-tier amenities   17 of which feature female directors   Springboard VR, Cairo International
                            Speakers                        and services, we hope to provide an   or co-directors and 11 LGBTQ-  Film Festival, Sitges International
                     • Colum Slevin (Facebook) – USA        opportunity to do both business and   focused films,” Sisk says. “These are   Fantastic Film Festival, Film Society
                    • Maria Rákušanová (HTC Vive) – UK      relax in very comfortable   stories that global audiences can   at Lincoln Center, UCLA’s Global
                    • Jimmy Cheng (Iconic Engine) – USA     surroundings.” New initiatives this   respond to passionately and see a   Media Center for Social Impact,
                     • Nira Bozkurt (Amilux) – Austria      year include a partnership with The   representation of themselves on   Freestyle Releasing, Vanishing Angle,
                           Moderator                        Colin Higgins Foundation, an   screen — representation matters,   Arclight Films, Submarine,
                    • Gerda Leopold (Amilux) – Austria
                       Conference Room, Palais -1           organisation which supports   and we are grateful to be a part of   Cinelytic, StoryFit, Sawyer Studios,
                                                                                       that conversation.” As well as its
                                                            LGBTQ youth in under-served
                         17:00 – 17:45                      communities to build leadership and   exciting line-up, AmPav seeks to   and Screen Anarchy.✦  Liza Foreman

                 Kaleidoscope’s Development 360 Focused     empowerment. “We will present the   offer the American film community,   Queer Night, which is the only
                            Showcase               ALL PHOTOS © ÉRIC BONTÉ/1000IMAGES  first ever Colin Higgins Ambassador   “connectivity for the business at
                           Moderator                        Scholarship for LGBTQ students,”   hand, film. And we offer stellar   gay dance party event tied to
                                                                                                                  the Festival, will take place on
                    • René Pinnell (Kaleidoscope) – USA     Sisk says. “ In its inaugural year, we   amenities and services, hoping to   Tuesday, 21 May, beginning at
                                                            are honouring two gifted and
                                                                                       provide the best space for them to do
                                                                                                                  21:00. Entry is free.
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