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NEWS                                                                                                Saturday 18 May 2019
                                                                                                                                   DAY 5

                DPA GIFTING                     CANNES Q&A:


                RADIATES                        SANDER KOOGER
                LUXURY AND                      CEO, THIS IS FASHION


                FROM THE                        The Dutch tech entrepreneur    our platform including development are
                                                Sander Kooger is the man behind
                                                                               about €1.5m for the first two years. It’s a
                CARLTON                         the most ambitious project in   calculation on the high end leaving us
                                                digital fashion history. Me.
                                                                               some space for error. Eventual investment
                                                Kooger is developing the world’s   needs are highly dependent on
                HEALING potions, luxury accessories   largest online fashion library with
                and state-of-the-art beauty     his app This Is Fashion. Cannes   subscription revenue and future cash
                treatments are on the menu for   Marlet News spoke to him about
                the 2019 DPA gift suite, which is   the project to create the Netflix of   What’s your approach from a
                dedicated to wellness and the hot   fashion. The company is in talks   technical perspective? Or how
                new thing, this year. The innovative   with investors.         do you build such an app?
                selection of entrepreneurs and                                 My building philosophy in both business    Sander Kooger     © DR
                designers, include a mother-    Why did you launch this project?  and tech are the same. I believe in
                and-daughter team that have     Two Dutch fashion students pitched me   modularity and independence while   collaboration with IFA Paris and other
                                                a problem. They were having trouble
                                                                                                              partners. Even if we don’t have a fully
                                                                               trying to eliminate single points of
                created Crave Free, the first caviar   finding the inspirational materials in   failure. Within our company it means   funded crowdfund the project is too
                supplement brought to the market.   fashion online that they needed for their   there needs to be multiple revenue   important on a global scale to not be
                This Cavipur team combined their   school assignments. They knew my   models. In our technology I took the   built. We are working on incubating This
                scientific expertise with the wisdom   occupation and told me, ‘Sander you are   platform and created a structure where   Is Fashion within the new Incubator IFA
                of nature to develop Crave Free   a nerd, go fix this’.        front-end applications talk to our back-  Paris is building, and are looking for
                which feeds, regenerates, and                                  end via a universal API. This way we can   other partners to strengthen our position.
                protects the body on a cellular level.   How much is needed to realise it?  quickly deploy apps to new devices. In   One thing is sure, This Is Fashion has
                A young chemist has produced Sheer   Our first idea was just a library archive   our back-end everything that happens is   enough support to be here to stay for the
                Necessity, an exfoliating coffee   and pretty soon we found out that it   separated into separate containers that   long run.
                                                would be financially unviable. The sheer
                                                                               run independent of each other. It offers
                and sugar scrub, after four years of   costs of digitising the content without   redundancy, eliminates a single point of   What other platforms exist
                experimenting in her kitchen with   having a proper user base for revenues   failure but most importantly components   like this?
                a home remedy. Gluten, sugar and   made the project impossible. A pivot was   are individually replaceable to ensure cost   Currently there are no platforms
                lactose-free macaroons are also on   needed. That is where we changed the   effective upgrades and new feature.  combining print and moving media in
                the menu, thanks to Maison Manival   project to a ‘Netflix for fashion’ tailoring             the way that we do. Add to that the niche
                and LDM. Handmade scarves are   our product to not only fill the students’   What’s your plan B if you don’t   in which we operate and the ambitious
                being presented by Krama Heritage   and professionals’ needs, but to serve the   raise your recent crowd-funding   archive, search technology and still secret
                                                needs of the regular fashion-lovers as well.  campaign money?
                                                                                                              advertisement methods. Our platform is
                which supports ONG Pour un sourire   We calculated that the running costs for    We are currently creating a plan B in   unique. A world’s first. ✦   Liza Foreman
                d’enfant, as well as giving jobs to
                50 Cambodians. This year’s lounge
                includes a mini spa where body
                sculpting and laser face treatments
                are on offer. The American Haas
                Wellness in partnership with Cutera
                is presenting its truSculpt iD and
                Laser Genesis Aesthetic Treatments.
                Presented in bottles that look like
                jewellery, Luxury Spiritual has created
                energised perfumes mixing precious
                stones, energies and Oudh.  Healing
                CBD oil from Native botanicals has
                made its way to France for the suite.
                French startup Fazup is presenting
                anti-wave patches, for cellular
                phones. On the high-luxury front, from
                Japan, designer Keiichiro is loaning
                hand-made leather accessories.
                Jewellery this year is By Zia which is
                showing gorgeous gold pieces with
                an Art Deco spirit. Trips are on offer
                to Relais and Chateaux’s Le Taha’a
                Island Resort and Spa, in French
                Polynesia; and to Soori Bali’s black   The Fisherman’s Friends is an all-male acapella folk group from Port Isaac, Cornwall, in the UK, who in 2010 went from singing in the
                sand Bali resort. Magazine Beau   village harbour to a deal with Island Records, a platinum album and a performance on the pyramid stage at Glastonbury. Yesterday
                Monde Traveler will invite stars to 25   they arrived in Cannes by boat  to celebrate the box-office success of Fisherman’s Friends, the comedy based on their true story,   © TIM HAMANN
                                                 from Fred Films and Powder Keg Productions, and to launch the film internationally. The film took $10m at the UK box office.
                of its destinations. ✦   Liza Foreman

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