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NEWS                                                                                                Saturday 18 May 2019
                                                                                                                                   DAY 5

                  Rebel Road’s The Great Alaskan Race                            CANNES




                                                                                                                                            © DR

                                                                               Your job title?
                                                                                                              Majestic, Carlton or Airbnb?
                                                                               Film programmer at large.
                                                                                                              A boat parked in the vieux port
                                                                                                              would be my choice but, in the
                                                                               Astrological sign?             meantime, I’m mostly couch-
                                                                               Taurus.                        surfing.
                © DR
                 BRIAN PRESLEY’S REBEL ROAD                                    You were born on…              What would you like to
                                                                                                              say to Alejandro González
                 ENTERTAINMENT BANKS                                           A full-moon night in May 1977,   Iñárritu ?
                                                                               Kwekwe, Zimbabwe.
                 ON FAITH BASED FILMS                                            Your three favourite films   ¡Órale!

                        EBEL Road Entertainment has   group of mushers that travel 700 miles to   of the last 12 months?  Outside of Cannes what
                        launched a new distribution   save the small children of Nome, Alaska   There are a few upcoming   is your favourite film
                        arm that aims to distribute   from an epidemic. Presley also wrote and   crushes that can’t be declared   festival and why?
                        films that will focus on faith-  directed.             just yet but looking to the recent   Discarding those I work with, for
                  R based stories that make a   “The Great Alaskan Race is the amazing,   past I would highlight: Denis   impartiality’s sake, I would name
                 difference. Founder Brian Presley and his   untold true story that took place in 1925   Côte’s Ghost Town Anthology,  Curtas Vila do Conde -
                 team are in Cannes looking for potential   when 20 dog mushers rode through   Santiago Loza’s Brief Story from   International Film Festival, in the
                 titles for the new venture which will release   80-below-zero temperatures to save the   the Green Planet and Leo Sato’s   North of Portugal, for being
                 films on up to 2,000 screens.  children of Nome, Alaska. I am honoured   The Kamagasaki Cauldron War.  small in scale but big and daring
                 Joining Presley at Rebel Road will be   to be the first to bring this great story to         at heart, always full of music and
                 Timothy Patrick Cavanaugh as president   the big screen. Togo and Balto are hugely   What can we expect from   plastic arts.
                 of production & acquisition, Tai   popular but most don’t know the true
                 Truesdell as head of international sales,   story behind the two famous sled dogs.   your company
                 and Elizabeth Bell as general counsel/  Dog lovers will absolutely love this film   at Cannes this year?  Are the digital platforms
                 business development.          and this is a film for all ages,” Presley said.   With Karlovy Vary, we should be   the future of the cinema
                 The first project to be released under the   Truesdell has worked in the international   fine-tuning the ultimate details   industry?
                 new banner will be The Great Alaska   and domestic sales arenas since joining   for the upcoming edition of the   No, digital is only one of the
                 Race. The film stars Presley, Treat   New Regency in 1997. He managed   festival (June 28–July 6), with the   roads leading to the future.
                 Williams, Bruce Davison, Brad Leland,   worldwide distribution, rights clearance,   announcement of the official   There are community cine-clubs
                 Brea Bee, and Henry Thomas, and is   and rights management for over 120   selection on 28 May (10.00 CET).   popping up still, site-specific
                 scheduled to be released nationwide by   titles domestically and internationally,            screenings, portable cinemas… a
                 Rebel Road later this year.    including Alvin and the Chipmunks. ✦   When do you usually go   counterculture will continue to
                 The film is based on the true story of a           Liza Foreman  to bed on a typical night   unravel new paths in a people-
                                                                                                              focussed environment.
                                                                               during the Festival?
                                                                               Always too late. On an         What are your
                                                                               uneventful night, at 2.00.     post-Festival plans?
                                                                                                              Chilling in Marseille and
                                                                               Where are your favourite       attending the charming literary
                                                                               spots to dine in Cannes?       festival Oh Les Beaux Jours!

                                                                               Astoux et Brun for the
                                                                               Assortiment Royal of fresh     How many stamps on
                                                                               seafood; Cave Forville for the   your passport?
                                                                               oysters and wine pairing; Bobo
                                                                               bistro for some yummy          Never enough. These boots are
                                                                               boboiness; and La Cave for great   made for walking.
                                                                               traditional French cuisine.
                                                                                                              How long did it take you
                  India’s CII and Ministry of Information and Broadcasting partnered with Marché Du   Your weirdest Cannes   to answer these questions?
                  Film for the Producers Network & Industry Workshop - Opening Evening  moment?
                  Pictured are: Ashok Kumar R Parmar (left), Joint Secretary, Ministry of Information &       Three days until I got around to
                  Broadcasting; Amit Khare, Secretary, Ministry of Information & Broadcasting; Bobby Bedi,   Walking the red carpet with only   finally answering in five minutes.
                  former chairman, CII National Committee on Media and Entertainment and founder, Content   my underwear and heels beneath
                  Flow Studios; Jérôme Paillard, executive director Marché Du Film; and Prasoon Joshi,   my jacket as I had to ditch the
                © DR  chairman, Central Board of Film Certification (CBFC), India.  jeans in order to get in the Palais.

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