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Cannes Market News
Day 5
/ Sunday 20 May
OSOVO is hosting
its first Cannes
pavilion this year,
hoping to build
on its presence
at the 2012 Berlinale, where it took
a stand for the first time.
Kosovo’s film industry drew some
international attention last year
when director Jeton Neziraj’s film
Donkeys of the Border
won a prize
at the Festival of Eastern Europe,
in Paris, in April. The film, about
the time that Albanian communities
near the Yugoslav-Albanian border
were divided, was part-funded by
a €250,000 grant from the Kosovo
Cinematography Centre (KCC) back
in 2008. Last year the fund totaled
€400,000 and was used to assist
some 11 film projects, including
two co-productions, with
Macedonia and Germany.
This year the fund – which
is provided by the Ministry
of Culture and administered
by the KCC – increased
to €500,000. KCC director Fatos
Berisha says the fund is likely to
continue increasing year on year:
“The Kosovo film industry is a small
one, but it is willing to expand
and integrate.We have been
isolated for so long and we’re
trying to catch up with others.
We have young and talented
filmmakers, and the KCC
has an ambitious strategy.
We are supported by the Minister
of Culture
(Stojan Pelko, Ed.)
who himself is young and
has an artistic background.”
The KCC is currently in negotiations
with the government to introduce
tax incentives to attract foreign
productions to Kosovo. The Centre
has also been instrumental
in a change of regulation to allow
minority co-production which
led to some 21 applications
for feature films in 2012.
Berisha says his goal in Cannes
is to make a noise on behalf
of the Kosovo industry, and to seek
out further co-production partners.
He will also be making a bid for
membership of the European Film
Promotion (EFP), the international
network of organisations from
33 countries that promotes
European cinema worldwide.
“I am very happy that I will have
a chance to present our application
at their General Assembly which
will be happening during Cannes
Film Festival. I sincerely hope
we are going to enter that very
important organisation for our film
industry,” he says.
Julian Newby
Kosovo Debuts at Cannes Market,
Strives to Expand Its Film Industry
Every day, a focus on a pavilion at the Village International.
Today, the Kosovo pavilion.
Mubi’s Julie Ebbinghaus and “Marion”.
PFG Entertainment’s Ted Rosenblatt and Inter Film’s Tetsuya Hasegawa.
Emily Viot and Scott Bedno from Spotlight Pictures.