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NEWS                                                                                                 Tuesday 14 May 2019
                                                                                                                                   DAY 1



                                                                                                                                            © NEO BAEPI

                                                                               Your job title?                Majestic, Carlton or Airbnb?
                                                                               Producer, Film Doula.
                 Jorge Thielen Armand’s Akare-Merú                             Astrological sign?
                                                                             © DR                             What would you like
                                                                               Cancer.                        to say to Alejandro
                 ARMAND AND CREW                                               You were born on…              González Iñárritu?
                                                                                                              Do you still DJ? Let’s host a
                 BRAVE VENEZUELAN                                              A Tuesday afternoon in July.   mixtape sometime?

                                                                               Your three favourite films
                                                                                                              Outside of Cannes what
                 TURMOIL TO SHOOT                                              of the last 12 months?         is your favourite film
                                                                                                              festival and why?
                                                                               Burning, First Reformed and
                 FEATURE AKARE MERÚ                                            You Were Never Really Here.    Venice International Film
                                                                                                              Festival. Over and above the
                                                                               What can we expect from
                                                                                                              festival prides itself in providing
                               HEN Venezuelan   Blockchain entertainment company   your company at Cannes     dreamy setting, I respect how the
                               filmmaker Jorge   Breaker has produced Akare-Merú as an   this year?           a platform for artistic expression,
                               Thielen Armand   original for its entertainment platform.   Through REALNESS an African   new voices and risk-taking to
                               took his 46-strong   Others include Duwayne Dunham’s The   Screenwriter’s Residency, we
                  W cast and crew into          Happy Worker starring Josh Whitehouse   have launched 20 film projects in   Are the digital platforms
                 the jungle to shoot his second feature film   (Poldark), and Keith Bearden’s Antarctica   13 African countries in our four   the future of the cinema
                 The Return of Mr. Roque Thielen to the   starring Chloë Levine — both currently   years of running. The 2019   industry?
                 Island of Akare-Merú (Akare-Merú), in   in post-production. Breaker produced   REALNESS residents will be
                                                                               announced in Cannes on May 20
                 February, riots broke out in Caracas, the   and released Alex Winter’s documentary   at 18.00. Tied to this, we have   I believe we’re going to find a
                 capital of Venezuela, which has seen   Trust Machine: The Story of Blockchain   recognised a clear need for a   happy medium. Some films were
                 millions of citizens flee to neighbouring   theatrically in New York and Los Angeles.  programme catering to African   made to be experienced in a
                                                                                                              cinema; one cannot fully
                 countries in the face of political and    “Akare-Merú and its director Jorge   producers and will be launching   appreciate the work otherwise.
                 financial crisis.              Thielen Armand embody everything   the Creative Producer Indaba in   What I really value about the
                 Shooting for 48 days in the jungle, the   idealistic, beautiful and romantic about   partnership with REALNESS,   digital platforms is how they are
                                                                               EAVE, IFFR and Sundance
                 production survived the riots and power   filmmaking,” Breaker CEO and   Institute on May 19 at the   making arthouse films,
                 cuts affecting the country, as local tribes   co-founder Zach LeBeau said. “They   Pavillon Afriques, booth 213 at   documentaries and what would
                 operated their own power generators.   represent Breaker’s commitment to   15.00. Please join us!  usually be called ‘niche content’
                                                                                                              accessible to broader audiences.
                 Filming wrapped on April 11 with the   cinema. Production companies don’t                    This growing accessibility is
                 film now being edited in Buenos Aires.   typically risk funding and making films   When do you usually   encouraging people to take risks
                 As with his debut feature La Soledad,   in countries suffering from such civil   go to bed on a typical   in what they watch and that is so
                 with Akare-Merú, Jorge and his co-writer   strife as Venezuela. It’s too risky an   night during the Festival?  exciting.
                 and partner in La Faena Films, Rodrigo   investment, but with great risk comes   Around two or three am, which,
                 Michelangeli, blends documentary with   great reward.”        given the fact that I’m usually in   What are your
                 fiction. The film follows Jorge’s father,   Akare-Merú was developed by La Faena   bed by 22.00 is a massive   post-Festival plans?
                 Roque Thielen, re-enacting his own past   Films and Ardimages UK, with the   achievement.    I recently wrapped my latest
                 as a recovering alcoholic, who left his   support of the Buenos Aires Lab’s ARTE             feature film which was shot in
                 family in Caracas to look for redemption   Prize and the Tribeca Film Institute Latin   Where are your favourite   Lesotho and am going
                 in the Amazon jungle but found   America Fund.✦               spots to dine in Cannes?       immediately into post
                 temptation instead in illegal gold mining.        Julian Newby  Cannes is expensive! If my sales   production. This is Not a Burial,
                                                                                                              It’s a Resurrection by Lemohang
                                                                               agent isn’t paying for dinner, I   Jeremiah Mosese was selected
                                                                               love a simple burger and beer at   for Biennale Cinema College
                                                                               Little Nextdoor.               2019 and will premiere at the
                                                                                                              Venice International Film Festival
                 Myriad brings Sharon Tate to life with biopic                 Your weirdest                  in August.
                                                                               Cannes moment?
                 MYRIAD Pictures will finance and handle international sales on the biopic Tate,              How many stamps on
                 which will give us a behind-the-scenes look at the 1960s It Girl, Sharon Tate. Kate   In 2017 there was a man dressed   your passport?
                                                                               up as Mrs Doubtfire riding on an
                 Bosworth stars.                                               electric wheelchair type-thing
                 The film will explore Tate’s early days as a Texas beauty queen, and look at her   blasting trashy dance music from   42
                 fashion moments through to her personal relationships — including her marriage   a speaker strapped to the front.
                 to filmmaker Roman Polanski. The story ends in 1969 when Tate was brutally   He would ride up and down the   How long did it take you
                 murdered by notorious cult the Manson Family.                 Croisette and smack people on   to answer these questions?
                 Tate is written by Michael Polish and William Day Frank and Polish is set to direct. Kate   the ass. Definitely a Cannes
                 Bosworth, Michael Polish, Nick Phillips and Myriad’s Kirk D’Amico are producing.   favourite.  34 minutes split over three days.
                 Principal photography will begin later this year in Budapest. ✦    Liza Foreman

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