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                  Facts &


                  ● Area: India measures 3,214
                  km from north to south and
                  2,933 km from east to west
                  with a total land area of
                  3,287,263 sq km.
                  ● Population: 1.3 billion
                  ● No of States and Union
                  Territories: 29 States, 7 Union
                  ● Capital: New Delhi
                  ● Languages: Hindi, English
                  and 21 other national
                  languages                                                                                                                © DR
                  ● Number of Feature Films
                  Produced in India: 1,800   Raazi by
                  ● Number of Screens in India:   Meghna Gulzar
                  ● Market share of local films:          INDIAN CINEMA’S
                  90% BO
                  ● Theatrical Box Office
                  Collections: $2.25bn
                  ● Film Friendly States of India for
                  Film Locations: Madhya Pradesh,         STEADY RISE ON
                  Uttar Pradesh, Gujarat, Kerala,
                  Jharkand, Delhi, Maharashtra
                  ● Major Centres of Film
                  Production: Bangalore,                  GLOBAL STAGE
                  Chennai, New Delhi,
                  Guwahati, Hyderabad,
                  Kolkata, Mumbai,
                  Cuttack                                 THE INDIAN FILM INDUSTRY, WHICH PRODUCES THE LARGEST
                  ● TV Households: 195 million
                  ● TV Channels: 900                      NUMBER OF MOVIES IN THE WORLD, IS ON THE CUSP OF A RADICAL
                  ● Mobile Subscribers: 1 billion         TRANSFORMATION AND ITS STEADY RISE IN THE GLOBAL M&E SPACE
                  ● Smart Phone Users: 500                IS CLEARLY VISIBLE.
                  ● Internet Users: 600 million
                  ● Broadband: No.1 mobile                By Natarajan Vidyasagar
                  broadband market in the
                  world                      Sarkar by A. R.
                                                                    HINESE President Xi Jinping told Indian   for 10 Indian films in 2018. “Indian films have been
                                                                    Prime Minister Narendra Modi that he  gradually making inroads both through the co-venture
                                                                    watched Aamir Khan- starred sports drama   route (which films do not form part of China’s quota of
                                                                    Dangal and liked it. This underscores the   foreign films) and co-production treaties,” says a recent EY
                                                           C growing influence of Indian cinema and its   report.
                                                          increasing global footprint.             Indian films also made inroads into Saudi Arabia which
                                                          There is a steady growth in the visibility, volume and   lifted its decade-old ban on cinemas, allowing theatres to
                                                          cultural visibility of India — from Bollywood to Bhangra   open in Saudi Arabia.
                                                          music, from mobile telephony to India’s influence in   Indian filmmakers have embraced new ways of telling
                                                          Silicon Valley India has revolutionised in the production,   stories, and this is increasingly visible on global platforms.
                                                          distribution and consumption of images and ideas.  “Indian content is in big demand and new avenues are
                                                          Last year turned out to be the most successful year for   opening up, for example China. The local market is huge
                                                          Indian films which were exported to more than 35   in India, which is the only country in the world with
                                                          territories internationally. USA, UK, China Gulf, Australia  nearly 12 dialects per language. As the dubbing industry
                                                          and Canada topped the list for Indian films in overseas   is growing, all platforms are realising the value of
                                                          territories. Around 125 movies (Hindi and regional films)  localisation. The popularity and footprint of the platforms
                                                          were released in overseas theatrical markets in 2018.   is increasing immensely due to this and this has resulted
                                                          Hailed as the best Indian movie of 2018, Sriram   into the emergence of Netfilx and Amazon, who are setting
                                                          Raghavan’s Andhadhun, an official adaption of the French  up offices in India and producing India-specific content
                                                          short film The Piano Tuner, had a successful run in China.   for global market as well,” says Manish Dutt, managing
                                                          Made at a budget of less than $5m it raked in around   director, VR Films & Studios.
                                                          $50m in box-office collections in China.  There’s no doubt today that Indian cinema is India’s soft
                                                          China alone accounted for $272m in box-office collection  power and is seen in over 100 countries. Thanks to platforms

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