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NEWS                                                                                               Wednesday 15 May 2019
                                                                                                                                   DAY 2


                 GIVE ME LIBERTY                                                 CONFIDENTIAL

                 AHEAD OF CANNES                                                  Lili

                 WORLD PREMIERE                                                   Hinstin                                                   © LOCARNO FILM FESTIVAL

                                                                  Give Me Liberty,
                                                                  from Kirill
                                                                  Mikhanovsky and
                                                                  Alice Austin  Your job title?
                                                                               Artistic director, Locarno Film
                                                                               Festival.                      Majestic, Carlton
                                                                                                              or Airbnb?
                                                                                                              Beach camping.
                                                                               Astrological sign?

                                                                                                              What would you like
                                                                                                              to say to Alejandro
                                                                               You were born on…              González Iñárritu ?
                                                                               A bed during naptime.          I like your jury a lot.
                © DR

                            N the eve of its    individuals searching for the American                        Outside of Cannes what
                            presentation at the   dream in a struggling city”.  Your three favourite films    is your favourite film
                            Cannes Film Festival,   “Kirill and Alice have created a visceral   of the last 12 months?  festival and why?
                            Music Box Films has   and compassionate film with an   Le Livre d’image by JLG,
                  O acquired the US rights to   unconventional comic streak that   Switzerland, 2018; Amin by   Locarno, because it has the
                 Give Me Liberty from writer-director Kirill   uniquely captures the spirit of people in   Philippe Faucon,   widest range of programing
                 Mikhanovsky and writer-producer Alice   communities we rarely see in film and   France, 2018; and The   from Piazza Grande to
                 Austen.                        television,” Music Box Films’ president,   Kamagasaki Cauldron War by   experimental section Moving
                 The film debuted at Sundance this year; a   William Schopf, said.   Leo Sato, Japan, 2018.   Ahead and it’s the perfect place
                 new edit that is 15 minutes shorter has its   Mikhanovsky added: “The making of              to discover new directors and
                 world premiere in the Directors’   Give Me Liberty has been a wild ride and                  new films, and to work — it’s
                                                                                                              both focused and relaxed.
                 Fortnight this week — and its New York   it’s time to take it on the road of national   What can we expect from
                 premiere this June at BAMcinemaFest.   distribution.”         your organisation
                 Music Box plans a theatrical rollout later   Music Box Films acquired all film rights
                 this summer followed by a release on   in the US in a deal negotiated by Schopf   at Cannes this year?  Are the digital platforms
                 home entertainment platforms.  and CAA Media Finance. Wild Bunch is   Finding good films for Locarno’s   the future of the cinema
                 Give Me Liberty follows Vic, a young   selling international rights.  next edition, and close the   industry?
                 Russian immigrant who drives a medical   Recent Music Box releases include   invitations we have already
                 transport van for people with disabilities   Christian Petzold’s thriller Transit and   made.  They are part of its future. I think
                 in Milwaukee. Drawing on       acclaimed horror film Hagazussa, released                     distribution will become more
                                                                                                              and more a marketing work and
                 Mikhanovsky’s personal experience and   under genre label Doppelgänger                       will offer different options to see
                 featuring an ensemble cast of both   Releasing. Upcoming releases include   When do you usually go   the same film.
                 experienced actors and non-professionals   Thomas Stuber’s romantic drama In the   to bed on a typical night
                 — including newcomer Lauren ‘Lolo’   Aisles, Claudio Giovannesi’s Piranhas and   during the Festival?
                 Spencer — the film is described as “a   François Ozon’s By the Grace of God. ✦
                 darkly comedic portrait of marginalised            Julian Newby  Quite early… in the morning.  What are your
                                                                                                              post-Festival plans?

                 CAPSTONE GROUP BRINGS BOLD                                    Where are your                 Close the programme of Locarno
                                                                                                              and make a great first edition.
                 FILMS’ TITLES TO CANNES                                       favourite
                 CAPSTONE Group, the Los Angeles- and London-based independent theatrical   spots to dine
                 financing, production and international sales company, has entered a partnership to   in Cannes?  How many stamps
                 represent Bold Films’ catalogue worldwide.                    I don’t remember, I follow     on your passport?
                 15 titles will be available, immediately, from the wide-ranging library including   people.  Well I don’t have it with me but
                 Academy-, Golden Globe-, and BAFTA-nominated and winning titles such as Nicolas              it has both Iran and USA and a
                 Winding Refn’s Drive, starring Ryan Gosling, Damien Chazelle’s Whiplash, starring            few more from all around the
                 Miles Teller and J.K. Simmons, and Dan Gilroy’s Nightcrawler, starring Jake Gyllenhaal       world…
                 and Riz Ahmed.                                                Your weirdest
                 “We are thrilled to begin a highly valued relationship with Christian and Capstone,”   Cannes moment?
                 said Bold Films’ David Litvak. “This is the first important step in an aggressive effort to   Cannes is not weird at all
                 monetise the Bold library.”                                   unfortunately. Maybe the       How long did it take you
                 President and CEO of Capstone, Christian Mercuri, said: “David is positioning Bold   weirdest thing is how people   to answer these questions?
                 Films for continued success in this ever-changing market and we at Capstone are   become werewolves during the   The time to figure it out.
                 excited for the opportunity to begin working with he and his team.” ✦    Liza Foreman  fortnight.

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