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NEWS                                                                                                   Friday 17 May 2019
                                                                                                                                   DAY 4

                 ARCLIGHT SEALS DEAL                                             CANNES

                 WITH MOMENTUM ON                                                CONFIDENTIAL

                 RADCLIFFE STARRER

                 ESCAPE FROM PRETORIA                                             Aline

                         RCLIGHT Films has closed                                 Mazzarella
                         North American distribution                                                                                       © DR
                         rights with Entertainment
                         One’s Momentum Pictures,
                  A for the feature film Escape                                  Your job title?              Majestic, Carlton or Airbnb?
                 from Pretoria, starring Daniel Radcliffe and
                 Daniel Webber, directed by Francis                            Partner – BD – Estudio Giz.    Airbnb so far...
                 Annan. The company is continuing sales
                 efforts at the Marché du Film and is
                 debuting footage from the film in Cannes.                                                    What would you like to say
                 In the true-life story, Radcliffe and                         Astrological sign?
                 Australian actor Daniel Webber star as                                                       to Alejandro González
                 political prisoners and freedom fighters                      Capricorn.                     Iñárritu ?
                 Tim Jenkin and Stephen Lee.
                 Incarcerated in Pretoria Maximum                                                             For him to give the Palm D’Or
                 Security Prison, Jenkin and Lee, joined                       You were born on…              to Kleber Mendonça Filho,
                 by a fellow inmate, spend months                                                             of course!
                 surveying their surroundings and                              A rainy summer night.
                 calculating their move, finally crafting   © IAN ROUTLEDGE   Daniel Radcliffe stars in Francis Annan’s
                 wooden keys for each of the 10 steel   Escape from Pretoria
                 doors between them and freedom.                                                              Outside of Cannes
                 The film marks Annan’s feature-film   Momentum previously handled Arclight’s   Your three favourite films   what is your favourite
                 directorial debut, from the screenplay he   Jungle, also starring Radcliffe.  of the last 12 months?  film festival
                 co-wrote with LH Adams, based on Tim   Arclight previously announced
                 Jenkin’s autobiography Inside Out: Escape   completed deals on Escape from Pretoria,   Us, Jordan Peele, Guaxuma, a   and why?
                 from Pretoria Prison.          with: KSM for Germany, Top Film for   short film by Nara Normande
                 Filming took place on location in South   CIS, Inopia Films in Spain, Spentzos for   and O Processo, Maria Augusta   Rotterdam feels like home
                 Australia with financing from the South   Greece, Front Row Entertainment for the   Ramos.   to us. The very first festival
                 Australian Film Corporation and MEP   Middle East, Logo Motion Pictures for                  that believed in our cinema.
                 Capital.                       Thailand, Vietnam’s Galaxy Studio,
                 “Escape from Pretoria is an extraordinary   Viswaas for India and CineSky Pictures
                 and timely story that deserves to be   for Airlines.          What can we expect from        Are the digital platforms
                 shared with audiences,” Arclight   The film is an Australian/UK   your company
                 chairman Gary Hamilton said.   co-production between Hamilton                                the future of the cinema
                 “Momentum is absolutely the right   Entertainment, BeaglePug, Footprint   at Cannes this year?  industry?
                 choice to theatrically release this film in   Films and Enriched Media Group. ✦   New voices from Latin
                 the US and Canada.”                                Julian Newby                              Not all cinemas.
                                                                               American cinema. And of
                                                                               course, the coolest first feature
                                                                               a producer could wish for:
                                                                               Sick, Sick, Sick, by Alice Furtado   What are your
                                                                               at Quinzaine.                  post-Festival plans?
                                                                                                              Weird times in Brazil…
                                                                                                              To find a way to keep
                                                                               When do you usually go         my company alive.
                                                                               to bed on a typical night
                                                                               during the Festival?
                                                                                                              How many stamps on
                                                                               When my body needs help!
                                                                                                              your passport?
                                                                                                              A few...
                                                                               Where are your favourite
                                                                               spots to dine in Cannes?
                                                                                                              How long did it take
                  Werner Herzog, Julianne                                      Da Laura and La Libera.
                  Moore and Xavier Dolan                                                                      you to answer
                  attended the Conversation                                                                   these questions?
                  Mastercard event at the
                  Majestic hotel on                                            Your weirdest Cannes           Until the very last minute!
                © OLIVIER VIGERIE  of 40+ French students and                  moment?
                  Wednesday 15 May, in front
                  more than 90 journalists.
                                                                               I’ll keep this one for myself...

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