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                       QUEBEC                                                                                                              © DR

                                                                                                                              Matthias &
                                                                                                                              by Xavier Dolan

                  Facts &                   QUÉBEC: A GREAT


                  ●   Population: 8.39 million  VINTAGE AT THE 2019
                  ●   GDP per capita  US$36,406
                  ●   Regulatory body : Ministry
                   of Culture               CANNES FILM FESTIVAL
                  ●   Public Film supporting
                   institutions : SODEC

                  PRODUCTION                              QUÉBEC’S PRESENCE AT THE WORLD PREMIER FILM FESTIVAL IS
                  ●   Films released from Quebec:
                   91 (out of 770)                        EXCEPTIONAL, WITH THREE OF THE FOUR QUEBEC FILMS REPRESENTING
                                                          LA BELLE PROVINCE IN OFFICIAL SELECTION. WHILE MORE THAN 220
                  ●   Total gross BO: $158m               OF THE CONSTANT CREATIVITY OF THE LOCAL INDUSTRY.
                   (-1% vs 2017)
                  ●   Total admissions :
                   19.1 million                           By François-Pier Pelinard-Lambert
                  ●   Average ticket price: $8.32

                  ●   Local films market share: 9.2%
                  ●   US majors market share:                          UÉBEC film maker Xavier Dolan is   coming from nowhere in Cannes with his Directors’
                   78.2%                                 Q             returning to the Cannes Film Festival   Fortnight premiere of I Killed My Mother. This former
                  All figures and stats in this feature                with his latest Montreal-shot feature,   child actor soon became one of most loved young talents
                  are in Canadian dollar                               Matthias & Maxime, produced by Sons   in the festival, coming back later with Heartbeats and
                                                                       of Manual. The French-language drama
                                                                                                   Laurence Anyways, both showcased in Un Certain Regard.
                                                                       will make its debut in official
                                                                                                   The warmly received Mommy scored him a Best Director
                                                          competition for the top prize, the Palme d’Or. Dolan  prize, while It’s Only the End of the World in 2016 brought
                                                          wrote, directed and stars in the story of two childhood   him a Grand Prix that year. Another Québec filmmaker,
                                                          friends, now in their late 20s, who find their lives up-ended   Monia Chokri, is also at Cannes with the very well received
                                                          when they have to kiss while performing in an amateur   La Femme de Mon Frere (Metafilms) which she wrote and
                                                          film at a party. Dolan’s filmmaking career exploded,  directed. The drama was invited to the Un Certain Regard

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