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NEWS                                                                                                 Tuesday 21 May 2019
                                                                                                                                   DAY 8




                                                                                  Deak                                                      © CHRIPKO LILI

                                                                               Your job title?                amazed by the number of really
                                                                               Press officer at Cirko Film.   strange coincidences!

                      David Japaridze (left), Republic of Georgia; Bernadette Schramm, head of IEFTA talent &   Majestic, Carlton or Airbnb?
                 partnerships; Ruba Atiyeh, Lebanon; Lacey Tu, IEFTA board member; and Beza Hailu Lemma, Ethiopia  Astrological sign?
                                                                             © DR  Leo.                       I wish I had experience of the first
                 IEFTA LAUNCHES                                                You were born on…              two… But Airbnb is just fine —
                                                                                                              being in Cannes is such a
                                                                                                              privilege, it really doesn’t matter
                 €10,000 PRIZE                                                 18 August.                     where I spend those few hours of

                                                                               of the last 12 months?
                         HE MONACO-based        producer from Bhutan; David Japaridze   Your three favourite films   What would you like to
                         International Emerging Film   from Georgia; Farzana Boby from   Lazzaro Felice, Bad Poems and   say to Alejandro González
                         Talent Association (IEFTA),   Bangladesh; Marwa Zein from Sudan; and   Nuestro Tiempo.  Iñárritu ?
                         in collaboration with the   Sarai Abergel from Israel.                               I always think of the right
                  T Marché du Film, has launched   With IEFTA support, Ethiopian   What can we expect from    question a long time after the
                                                                                                              opportunity has passed, so
                 an award of €10,000, to be given to one of   filmmakers are making their fifth visit to   your company   probably not much apart from
                 the 24 docs-in-progress from six countries   the Cannes Film Festival following an   at Cannes this year?  the super boring ‘Hey Alejandro, I
                 participating in the Docs-in-Progress   intensive weekend conference in Addis   Buying films with a strong artistic   absolutely love your films, I wish
                 showcases at the Doc Corner.   Ababa where candidates from the many   quality to continue our cultural   one day I could work with one of
                 The contributing countries are Argentina,   regions of Ethiopia vied to represent their   mission in Hungary.   them as a distributor’. Then he
                 Canada, Chile, Norway, Palestine and   nation and its cinematic capacity.                    would smile politely, and look for
                 South Africa. IEFTA will be represented on   This is IEFTA’s third year working with the   When do you usually go   more interesting company!
                 the three-person jury, with Board Member   International Film Initiative of Bangladesh   to bed on a typical night
                 Lacey Tu set to present the award during   (IFIB) to produce the Dhaka To Cannes   during the Festival?  Outside of Cannes what
                 the Doc Lovers Mixer on Doc Day, on   programme. Closer to home, IEFTA looks   1-2 in the morning. Don’t tell   is your favourite film
                 Tuesday, 21 May from 18.00 to 20.00 at   to its partnership with Watersprite: The   anyone, but sometimes I snooze a   festival and why?
                 the Plage des Palmes.          Cambridge International Student Film   bit during films. Naughty.   I like Berlin for its democratic and
                 For the ninth year of its Global Film   Festival, to provide yet another Filmmaker           to-the-point set-up, and Venice
                 Expression initiative, IEFTA, in partnership   of the Future, the invitation going to the   Where are your favourite   for the atmosphere, the decadent
                 with the Marché du Film and its Industry   winner of the Watersprite Impact Award,   spots to dine in Cannes?  glamour, and the balmy evenings.
                 Workshops programme, selects and   earned this year by an Israeli student   Astoux et Brun for oysters (and
                 sponsors seven international filmmakers to   filmmaker. In 2019, GFE also includes   star-spotting), a little Italian bistro   Are the digital platforms
                 come to Cannes each year.      filmmakers from Bhutan, Sudan and   called Salsa Rossa at the Marché   the future of the cinema
                 Filmmakers participating this year, include   Lebanon for the first time. ✦   Forville for a relaxed pizza, and   industry?
                 Ugyen Phuntsho Rabgay, a director and              Liza Foreman  Chez Vincent et Nicolas for our   They are already a huge part of
                                                                               traditional yearly feast with my   the present. But old fashioned
                                                                               colleagues.                    theatres will always be here for us
                 CANNES LAUNCH FOR WORLD FILM                                                                 as the experience is totally
                 AWARDS THAT WILL CELEBRATE                                    Your weirdest                  different.
                                                                               Cannes moment?
                 ‘THE BEST OF THE BEST’                                        Seeing my own life in quirky   What are your

                 WORLD Film Institute (WFI), a non-profit   to vote remotely and securely through   detail in Toni Erdmann —   post-Festival plans?
                 organisation supporting the advancement   blockchain infrastructure, embedded in the   including, among other things,   Nothing surprising: catching up
                 and recognition of the arts and the motion-  W1 Platform.     the apartment where the        on sleep, eating normally, and,
                 picture industry worldwide and W1   The system will use unique keys and QR   protagonist lived which was in   most importantly, spending
                                                                               the same tiny street (perhaps
                 Platform, the global 4K streaming platform,   codes to prevent the same vote from being   even the same building) where   quality time with my family. And
                 announced in Cannes the launch of the   cast or scanned more than once, allowing   I lived as a Bucharest ex-pat for   answering the hundreds of
                                                                                                              unread emails — not looking
                 World Film Awards (WFA), to be held in   votes to be recorded in real time, with full   a while, and the freak accident   forward to that!
                 November 2019 during the American Film   transparency and traceability using the W1   with the sofa bed cutting her toe
                 Market (AFM).                  Platform’s decentralised blockchain ledger.  in the same apartment where
                                                                                                              How many stamps on your
                 Co-founded by Olympia A. Gellini and   WFI founder Gellini said the idea was   exactly the same thing   passport?
                 Steven Nia, the WFA will recognise the   inspired by “historic and celebrated events,   happened to me… I even look a
                 “best of the best” films from the winners of   going back over two thousand years such   bit like her! I spoke to Maren Ade   Zero. My passport is brand new.
                 various film festivals and markets around   as those in Greece for sports”, as well as   afterwards because we ended up
                                                                               distributing the film in Hungary,
                 the world.                     modern global beauty pageants where the   and I asked her whether she   How long did it take you
                 The WFA will be live-streamed globally on   best are chosen from countries around the   might have been at that   to answer these questions?
                 W1 Platform in ultra-high definition 4K   world. Now the FWA provides the same for   Bucharest garden party where   I did it in 10-minute installments
                 quality, and will be the first film awards for   the film world, he said. ✦   everyone saw my wounded foot,   queuing up for films.
                 which the worldwide audience will be able          Julian Newby  but no, she hadn’t. She too was

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