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IT’S                     OPEN DOORS

                                                              an international co-production platform and an incubating
                                                              Lab for projects and producers from South East Asia and
                                                              Mongolia (2019 to 2021).


                   ABOUT                                      FOR DEVELOPMENT

                                                              an initiative for German-, French- and Italian-speaking
                                                              projects in development selected among the beneficiaries
                        FILMS                                 FFA, CNC and MEDIA Desk Suisse.
                                                              of existing bilateral development funds between MiBACT,

                                                              FIRST LOOK

                                                              5 to 7 films in post-production from a different country
                                                              every year are introduced to industry professionals.
                                                              This year the focus is on Serbia.
                                                              In collaboration with Film Center Serbia.

                                                              INDUSTRY ACADEMY

                                                              a fast-track industry training program for young
                                                              professionals working in international sales, marketing,
                                                              distribution, exhibition and programming. In collaboration
                                                              with Europa International, Europa Distribution and Europa

                                                              MATCH ME!

                                                              a networking platform highlighting upcoming producers
                                                              with distinct focus and strong visions.


                                                              an interdisciplinary think tank for Industry professionals to
                                                              discuss international distribution challenges and solutions.

                 With the support of the Federal Office of Culture (FOC, Switzerland)  Open Doors partner
                 in the context of the MEDIA compensatory measures.

                 Main partners                                                 Institutional partners      Destination partner
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