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Film Soho presents
new slate in Kateryna Kateryna
Cannes at virtual Nahorna Nahorna
studio pop-up

© DR

© 2022 EDDY MASSARELLALTony Pitts, Ronni Ancona, Sally Phillips and Katherine Kelly Your job title? say to him?

ONDON-BASED distribution who’s never directed and a hundred International sales I most definitely would be
company Studio Soho has untrained dogs. It was co-written by speechless
launched international pre-sales Phillips and Ancona and produced by Astrological sign?
for dark comedy feature film Ancona, Phillips and Hamson. This year is Jérôme Paillard’s
Classic in Cannes. The films are being presented as part of a Gemini last edition of Marché du
Written by Tony Pitts (Funny Cow) and preview in Cannes of Film Soho’s new Film. What would you like
co-directed by Tony Pitts and Sally Phillips, virtual-production facility, V-Studios. You were born on… to say to him?
the film is a drama set in the world of The pop-up studio will be the first ever
classic-car enthusiasts and marks Pitts and virtual production stage to be hosted in An accident It’s always too sad to say
Phillip’s directorial debut. Cannes. goodbyes. But where there is an
The film is a co-production between Film The studio will demonstrate how state-of- Your three favourite films end there is always a new
Soho’s in-house production company, the-art technology can be used in of the last 12 months? beginning
Captain Dolly, Soho Talent and Make Me production.
Films. First-time producers Katherine Kelly V-Studios is also the first virtual The Last Duel, The Power of the Are online markets and
and Ronni Ancona are teaming up with production stage in Soho. It allows Dog and The French Dispatch festivals here to stay?
Nick Hamson to produce the film. filmmakers to place actors in virtual
Other films on Studio Soho’s slate include environments without leaving Central What can we expect from I so much hope that there won’t
Twiggy, a documentary directed by Sadie London. your organisation be a need for them
Frost which takes a look at the life and V-Studios technology can provide a range at Cannes this year?
times of the iconic model. of filming solutions from pre-visualisation, Outside of Cannes what
A third project on the slate, Palm Dog, is an virtual location scouting, additional An exceptional selection of new is your favourite film festival
off-beat comedy which follows a group of photography and feature film pick-ups. Ukrainian feature films and and why?
incompetents as they attempt the Extended Reality (xR) technology blends finally — Mavka will be released
impossible, making a period-costume the virtual and physical worlds together. ✦ this year Molodist in Ukraine, as it was the
drama on a micro budget with a director first one I attended as a kid
L. F. Your weirdest Cannes
moment? Movie theatres are…

This is my first time attending the The best place in the world!
Marché du Film in person, but
taking into account previous What are your immediate
experience with MIP markets I post-Marché du Film plans?
don’t expect anything to be calm
or boring…or suitable to retell To lay at the beach as long as I
friends can without checking emails

How bad has COVID-19 How many stamps on
harmed the industry? your passport?

It has heavily affected cinemas Ohh..should go check where I’ve
and ruined a few premieres for left my passport again
us, that we had to postpone, but
nothing makes you stronger than How long did it take you to
the challenges answer these questions?

If you could meet Vincent I guess around five minutes… but
Lindon, what would you as I easily lose track of time it
also could have been two hours

Boy Kills World© GRAHAM BARTHOLOMEW Directed by Moritz Mohr, Boy Kills World has wrapped production after a three-
month shoot in Cape Town, South Africa. Written by Arend Remmers and Tyler Burton
6 NEWS Smith (Child’s Play), Boy Kills World is a dystopian fever-dream action film that
follows Boy, a deaf mute with a vibrant imagination. When his family is murdered, he
is trained by a mysterious shaman to repress his childish imagination and become an
instrument of death. Sam Raimi and Zainab Azizi are producing through Raimi
Productions, Roy Lee of Vertigo Entertainment, Simon Swart and Wayne Fitzjohn
through Nthibah Pictures and Alex Lebovici of Hammerstone Studios. Stuart Manashil
and Dan Kagan are also serving as producers with Christian Mercuri of Capstone, Reza
Brojerdi of Ventaro Film and Andrew Childs as executive producers. Capstone is
handling international.
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