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Pablo Larraín’s
Cannes Market News
At the moment, Chile has bilateral
co-production agreements
with Argentina, Venezuela, Brazil,
Canada, and France, and is about
to sign others with Spain and Italy.
“From now on, our idea is to make
this list longer,” Chaigneau Alliende
says. “These treaties are fundamental
to developing the Chilean film sector.
For talent, technical possibilities,
seriousness, and compromise,
we’re an excellent partner!”
And, with today’s online
communication, you can work
together long-distance, Turincev,
who co-produced
the Internet, adds: “It was pure
Sci-Fi to me: they were editing
in Chile, we were in Paris, they were
sending us cuts through internet,
and then [we would] discuss [them]
all together, through Skype.”
To attract foreigners, Chile offers a tax
incentive of 19% through a tax credit,
as well as other types of benefits,
depending on the production,
“but [we don’t] want to be known
just for our tax deductions,”
Chaigneau Alliende, concludes.
“One-off productions are not
what we are looking for.We want
long term partnerships.”
Day 5
/ Sunday 20 May
A Domestic Market on the Rise
In 2011, Chilean cinema regained a large part of its audience,
after a low over the last few years. Admissions for local flms grew
by an unusual 156% (from 351,243 to 900,341) and Chilean flms’
share of the market went up to 5.28%, still less than in 2002
and 2003 but in line with results from 2006 to 2008. Although
the market needs more independence and stability (American flms
took 92.9% of total admissions in 2011, and the three most popular
Chilean productions accounted for 85% of admissions for local flms),
this audience increase for Chilean flms is good news overall
for a market with great potential for growth.
Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part II
946,251 admissions
928,630 admissions
Cars 2
805,087 admissions
Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides
755,693 admissions
Kung Fu Panda 2
708,498 admissions
763,340 admissions
Transformers: Dark of the Moon
582,642 admissions
The Smurfs
661,836 admissions
The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 1
508,390 admissions
Yogi Bear
418,939 admissions
Violeta se fue a los cielos
387,443 admissions
Que pena tu boda :(
200,679 admissions
3:34 terremoto en Chile
181,906 admissions
Baby Shower
65,804 admissions
El limpiapiscinas
40,907 admissions
Gatos viejos
6,158 admissions
Dios me libre
4,503 admissions
Nostalgia de la luz
4,166 admissions
Locas mujeres
2,596 admissions
Música campesina
1,657 admissions
Top 10 films in 2011
Chilean productions
Foreign productions
Andrés Wood’s
Violeta Went to Heaven
Pablo Larraín
, the 35-year-old Chilean
director’s fourth feature film, is his
country’s great hope at the 2012
Cannes Film Festival, where it will
take part in the Directors Fortnight.
Inspired by an Antonio Skarmeta
play, the film stars Gael García
Bernal as an advertising executive
during the military dictatorship,
determined to defeat Pinochet
in Chile’s 1988 referendum.
Raúl Ruiz
On 19 August, 2011, Raúl Ruiz,
possibly the most famous
Chilean film director worldwide,
passed away at the age of 70.
He leaves behind him a legacy
of over 100 feature films, among
which his posthumous work
La noche de enfrente
, presented
at this year’s Directors Fortnight.
Andrés Wood
With his biography of Chilean singer
and folklorist Violeta Parra,
Went to Heaven (Violeta se fue a
los cielos),
Andrés Wood succeeded
in impressing all of the critics, the
public, and the international market.
With 387,443 admissions, it was the
most popular Chilean film of 2011.
At the beginning of the year,
it won theWorld Cinema Dramatic
jury prize at Sundance.
Three Chilean directors of note
Marialy Rivas’
Young & Wild
Pablo Larraín’s