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Cannes Market News
Day 5
/ Sunday 20 May
he Los Angeles-based
Cinema Libre Studio
and the Algerian Agency
for Cultural Influence (AARC),
have signed the first-ever
co-production agreement between
an Algerian and an American company.
It was made possible by the Algerian
Minister of Culture, Khalida Toumi.
Algeria will finance 30% of
The Last Days
of Karl Marx
, which will star Maximilian
Schell. The story follows the last years
of Marx’ life when, crippled by physical
ailments and devastated by the death
of his wife, he travelled, without a passport,
to Algeria, the only country that would
allow him safe haven. The film will
be directed by the French producer/director
Philippe Diaz (
The End of Poverty?
Mario Adorf (
The Tin Drum
) will appear
as Marx’s longtime collaborator, Frédéric
Engels. Pierre-Loup Rajout (
À nos amours
will play the French colonial judge Albert
Fermé, and Abel Jafri (
The Passion
of the Christ
) will play Hamoud.
“Karl Marx, at the end of his life,
is a fascinating role,” says the Austrian-
born Schell. “And his humour makes him
even more interesting.”
The General Manager of AARC, Mustapha
Orif, is in charge of the co-production. Half
of the film will be shot in Algeria, starting
this fall for a $3.5m budget. AARC
has two main missions: helping with
the diffusion of Algerian culture abroad
and bringing world cultures to the country.
The Ministry of Culture encompasses
several disciplines, of which cinema
constitutes an important part. AARC
is also acting as a co-producer by providing
additional funding towards projects that
are of interest to Algeria, and can be made
in partnership with Algerian entities.
In 2011, it co-produced eight feature films.
Headquartered in Los Angeles, the Cinema
Libre team has released over 100 titles,
including the Sundance Audience award-
The End of Poverty?,
Rachid Bouchareb’s
London River
and Oliver Stone’s
South of the Border
The studio is currently developing John
Perkins’ best-selling memoirs,
of an Economic Hit Man
, into a film.
Liza Foreman
Algeria and US
Sign First-
Ever Co-Production Agreement
More “Easy Money” for TrustNordisk
ICON Film Distribution has acquired
all rights to Swedish film
Easy Money II
which is at the Marché du Film
with Denmark’s TrustNordisk. Icon
already holds the rights to
Easy Money I
TrustNordisk also announced that
Network Movie’s Peter Nadermann
has acquired the TV rights of the sequel
for Germany’s ZDF and France’s ARTE.
The film is based on two best-selling
novels by Jens Lapidus, and is directed
by Babak Najafi (
). It tells
the story of a promising business
student-turned-coke-smuggler, played by
Joel Kinnaman, who is serving hard time
in prison, and struggling to get back
to an honest life.
A work-in-progress version of the film
is screening exclusively for buyers only,
at the Marché du Film.
Easy Money II
has already sold to Frenetic Films
(Switzerland), Maywin Media (Russia,
the Balkan states), Film Europe (Czech
Republic, Slovakia), Sonamu Pictures
(Korea) and Lumiere (Benelux).
AARC’s Mustapha Orif and French director Philippe Diaz.
Astrological Sign?
All-time favourite flm?
Sergio Leone,
Once upon a Time
in America.
Who are you hoping to meet
in Cannes this year?
300 of the most important
international movie producers!
What can we expect
from your institution
at this year’s
Int’l Film Market?
The launch of a brand new
fund dedicated to international
(that is, non-Italian) movie
When do you usually go
to bed on a typical night
during the Festival?
1am. I’m not a night own.
I prefer a drink with a few friends
to parties and sparkles.
Where are your favourite
spots to dine or party?
To dine, I love da Laura, run
by an Italian lady who has
been living in Cannes for years
and really knows how to express
delight out of food. To party,
I like each and every beach,
crowded with the coolest people.
Weirdest Cannes moment?
Running through guitars and
speakers after Luciano Ligabue’s
concert at 4am on the Croisette.
Majestic or Carlton?
My flat.
The Artist
The Artist
What is your other favourite
flm festival?
Venice for its bohemian
and decadent elegance.
Will 3D save the industry?
Absolutely not. Good stories
will save this industry.
What are your post-festival
Travelling to the States, London,
Munich, Paris and Mumbai
to stress how shooting in Puglia
is the best possible choice.
What’s on your iPod?
Sigur Ros, The Cure,
The Maccabees, Lambchop,
Keith Jarrett, Neil Young
and some more indie rockers.
How long did it take you
to answer these questions?
Ten minutes.
Apulia Film Commission