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                          CANARY ISLANDS

                 Facts &

                 figures                   THE CANARY ISLANDS:

                 ●   The Canary Islands: seven   AN AUDIO VISUAL
                  main islands and six islets                                                                                                        © DR
                  off the west coast of Africa
                 ●   Country: Spain                                                                                            El Cuaderno de Sara
                 ●   Official language: Spanish  PARADISE
                 ●   Population: 2,118,679
                 ●   Capital city: there are two,
                  Las Palmas de Gran
                 ●   Average in Summer: 23º C
                 ●   Average in Winter: 19º C   AS A FILMING LOCATION THANKS TO ITS MANY ECONOMICAL,
                 ●   Hours of natural light   GEOGRAPHICAL AND CLIMATIC ADVANTAGES.
                  per year: 4,800
                 ●   Highest point: Volcano Teide
                  on Tenerife, 3,718 m      By Alfonso Rivera,
                  (12,198 ft)
                 ●   Shot in 2017: 32 shoots
                  — 18 feature films, seven
                  series and seven                                    HOEVER has vacationed in the Canary   positively affect the local economy and create jobs for
                  documentaries, 20 of                                Islands has enjoyed the eternal spring that   professionals in the sector.
                  which are Spanish and 12                            the inhabitants know well, as well as its   The locations most frequented by filming crews in the
                  are foreign productions                             spectacular light and varied geography,   islands were Tenerife (with 10 films), Gran Canaria
                                                           Wwhere beach, mountain, forest and      (another 10), La Palma (five), Fuerteventura (four),
                                                          volcanic plains alternate. They will also have seen the many   Lanzarote (two) and El Hierro (one). Of these productions,
                                                          hotels and hospitality on offer. For the world of audio-visual   18 were films (one of these, animation), seven were
                                                          production, the advantages increase with the incentives   documentaries, and the other seven were series, (two
                                                          received by those filming in this lucky Spanish archipelago,   animated), including the internationally successful Black
                                                          where more and more specialised film professionals and   Mirror. The 20 Spanish productions included Yucatán, the
                                                          technicians are located.                 new movie from Daniel Monzón, director of El Niño; and
                                                          Filming in Tenerife, Gran Canaria or another of the  El Cuaderno de Sara, a box office success starring Belén
                                                          beautiful islands has become, in the last few years, a   Rueda. International productions totalled 12, including
                                                          common practice of audio-visual companies from all over  the latest instalment in the Star Wars saga, Solo: A Star Wars
                                                          the world, with Hollywood leading the way. This is shown   Story, from Ron Howard, who has previously filmed in the
                                                          by the numbers: in 2013, 10 productions were filmed in   region for In The Heart of The Sea; and the fantasy movie
                                                          the Canaries and in 2017 this number increased to 32,  from Terry Gilliam, The Man Who Killed Don Quixote. The
                                    Fuerteventura, the second largest   including films, TV series and documentaries. To this you   revenue generated in the Canaries through these
                                           of the Canary Islands  © DR  can add videos, commercials and photo sessions that   productions exceeds more that €30m, with more than a

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