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                                                                                                                      Tuesday 14 May 2019


                                                            EVERY DAY, A FOCUS ON A PAVILION AT THE VILLAGE
                                                            INTERNATIONAL. TODAY, THE MONTENEGRO PAVILION.

                                                                                                                                           © ÉRIC BONTÉ/1000IMAGES

                                                                 The Film Centre of Montenegro is witnessing growth in the quality of films and talent in its country
                                                             THE FILM CENTRE OF MONTENEGRO IS A PUBLIC

                                                             INSTITUTION ESTABLISHED IN 2014, WITH THE
                   1   Ralima and Pitaya Sithi-Amnuai
                    (Sahamongkolfilm International Group)
                                                             AIM OF PROMOTING THE MONTENEGRIN FILM
                   2   Naoko Satoh and Mayumi Furuyama
                    (Nippon Television Network               COMMUNITY TO THE WORLD.
                   3   Thierry Lestrade and Matthieu Zinglé
                    (Decipro)                                        HE principal activites   Romanian-Belgian Teodora Ana   overview of the locations on offer
                                                                     of the Film Centre of   Mihai.               in Montenegro as well as
                   4   Monique R. White and Roby Macondes            Montenegro include:   “We are very enthusiastic about the   information on production services
                    (California Pictures)
                                                                     the management of   film and proud of the collaboration   and other technical information
                   5   Karina Korenblum, Dorian Magagnin     T the country’s film      of our countries and their central   relating to the local industry.
                    and Sébastien Chesneau (Cercamon        fund; the support of new film   film institutions,” director of the   Ralph Feinnes’ Coriolanus and
                    World Sales)
                                                            productions; the promotion of   Film Centre of Montenegro, Sehad   Daniel Craig-starrer Casino Royale
                                                            Montenegrin cinema and its   Čekić, says. “This is the first   are two high-profile movies that used
                                                            potential for international   official presentation of work by   Montenegro as a location and Čekić
                                                            productions; training programmes   Montenegrin filmmakers within   says more international productions
                                                            for film professionals directed   the Cannes Film Festival   are showing interest in the country.
                                                            towards raising the level of their   programme.”      “Growth in production leads to
                                                            professional skills; and a series of   Montenegro recently introduced a   growth in skills in various areas of
                                                            activities around film festivals and   production incentive that provides   filmmaking so it’s something we
                                                            film literacy.             a rebate of up to 25% of eligible   want to invest in for the future, to
                                                            This year, Directors’ Fortnight   expenditures spent in Montenegro   ensure we can offer a skilled film
                                                            features five short films produced   — and the affect has been positive.   community that is capable of
                                                            under the SEE Factory initiative,   “The 25% cash rebate has   adapting to the changes that the
                                                            which brings together Montenegro,   increased the interest in   industry is constantly experiencing.”
                                                            Bosnia and Herzegovina, North   Montenegro as a film location and   He adds: “The quality of our films is
                                                            Macedonia, Serbia and Slovenia.   we are getting more inquiries about   constantly increasing and exchange
                                                            Five directors from these countries   shooting conditions in the   with the international film
                                                            alongside five directors from the   country,” Čekić says. “Montenegro   community is growing. Growth in
                                                            rest of the world shot the films in   has spectacular locations,   the number of Montenegrin films
                                                                                                                  on European and world screens, as
                                                                                       breathtaking nature and very rich
                                                            Sarajevo at the end of 2018 and
                                                   ALL PHOTOS © ÉRIC BONTÉ/1000IMAGES  together at last year’s Cannes Film   more visible on the world stage,   our country are the key goals.
                                                                                                                  well as attracting foreign crews to
                                                                                       cultural heritage, and it’s becoming
                                                            into early 2019. The initiative came
                                                                                       both for tourism and for
                                                                                                                  Raising funding and stronger
                                                            Festival and the result is five short
                                                                                                                  promotion as well as presence at
                                                            films highlighting filmmaking
                                                                                                                  more international film festivals
                                                            talent from the five countries.
                                                                                       To help deal with these enquiries
                                                                                                                  and events is our strategy going
                                                            Montenegro’s contribution is Love
                                                                                       the Film Centre is introducing a
                                                            Supreme from directors Dušan
                                                                                       new publication, Montenegro –
                                                                                       Film Destination, that will give an
                                                            Kasalica of Montenegro and
                                                                                                                                  Julian Newby

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