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NEWS                                                                                                Saturday 12 May 2018
                                                                                                                                   DAY 5

                 THE BUZZ                                                                                     MORAHAN LOOKS TO
                 OF THE DAY                                                                                   BOOGIE MAN SEQUEL
                                                                                                              FOLLOWING STRONG
                 AUTHENTICITY AND                                                                             SHOWING IN CANNES

                                                                                                              BOOGIE Man, the British film directed and
                 THE QUEST FOR DIVERSE                                                                        co-written by Andy Morahan that was
                                                                                                              much talked about in Cannes last year,
                                                                                                              had its market screening here this week.
                 PERSPECTIVES IN CINEMA                                                                       The film follows British-Indian teenager
                                                                                                              Paavan (Kush Khanna) who, struggling
                                                                                                              with his cultural heritage in modern-day
                                                                                                              London, falls for a white, 20-something
                                                                                                              actress and model Stephanie (Jerry-Jane
                                                                                                              Pears) during a 1970s-themed exhibition.
                                                                                                              He becomes obsessed with her, and the
                                                                                                              fashion and music of the era, while trying
                                                                                                              to keep his family’s Indian traditionalism
                                                                                                              and the impending responsibilities of
                                                                                                              adulthood at bay. Showing at a number
                                                                                                              of festivals in the UK in the lead-up to
                                                                                                              Cannes, Boogie Man was chosen as the
                                                                                                              Gala closing film at the UK Asian Film
                                                                                                              Festival, where it won two Flame awards,
                                                                                                              for Best Music and for Amy Jackson as
                                                                                                              Best Newcomer. It was also selected for
                                                                                                              the British Independent Film Festival,
                                                                                                              where it won the audience award, and as
                                                                                                              the opening film for the first Newcastle
                                                                                                              International Film Festival. Next festival
                                                                                                              stops for the movie include Toronto,
                                                                                                              Austin, Cardiff and Liverpool. The Boogie
                                                                                                              Man team is talking in Cannes to
                                                                                                              financiers and sales companies about
                © DISNEY   Letitia Wright as Shuri in Black Panther                                           a sequel, whose script is already in
                                                                                                              development, Morahan said.
                 A range of initiatives in Cannes respond to the need                                         Outside of his features work Morahan
                                                                                                              is known for videos for music’s biggest
                 for diversity in front of, and behind the camera.                                            names including Paul McCartney, Elton
                                                                                                              John, Guns’n’Roses and Michael Jackson.
                                                                                                              Next up for the director, alongside the
                         HE GLOBAL success of films   The first is Diversity Day at the Festival,   Bryan stressed the necessity of hiring   Boogie Man sequel, is the feature film
                         like Black Panther and Wonder   which takes place on May 14 at the   creators who have been directly impacted   Wild Boys, written by Piers Ashworth
                         Woman shows an increasing   Radisson Blu Hotel from 13.00-21.00,   by discriminative experiences.  (Burke & Hare, St. Trinian’s) about the
                         demand for diversity   which will include short-film showcases   “They’re authentic voices, and they’re   formative days of music-video production
                  T on-screen. This change      celebrating film-makers from around the   authentic stories,” Bryan said. “It’s hugely   in the early 1980s. “Think Almost Famous
                 involves placing the power in the hands of   world. There will also be  screenings of   different to what we see on the main   meets Spinal Tap,” Morahan said.
                 the people behind the camera who are best   short films from six women of colour as   stage.”  Following the market screening of Boogie
                 equipped to tell those stories.   a part of the Cannes Film Festival Short   The Blackhouse Foundation is making its   Man, The Little Film Company — the sales
                 There’s a desperate need for authentic   Film Corner, on May 16 at 13.30   first appearance at the festival this year.   company of the late Robbie Little —
                 storytelling. A number of initiatives at   in Palais H.       This organisation focuses on expanding   reported interest from India, China,
                 Cannes and beyond are focusing on   “While there’s no easy fix for the   opportunities for black multi-platform   Germany, France, Scandinavia and North
                 diverse representation in cinema, with an   eradication of global discrimination…   content creators by facilitating pathways   America. Speaking of Little’s tragic death
                 emphasis on giving a voice to the people   the intentional focus on diversity and   to careers. “What we want to do is build   while en-route to the Festival, Morahan
                 who have historically been voiceless.  inclusion in media will lessen its impact,   a thriving community of Black film-  said: “I would just like to both thank him
                 “In my experience, we use race, gender,   especially at the Cannes Film Festival   makers,” Carol Ann Shine, one of the   for all the hard and great work he did on
                 age, religion, physical ability and   where the world is watching,” Brinkley   Foundation’s co-founders, said.  Boogie Man, and send our thoughts and
                 socio-economic status to exclude,”   said.                    Blackhouse will host a brunch at the   prayers to Ellen and his family from all
                 Yolonda Brinkley, creator of Beyond   Maureen A. Bryan is another person   American Pavilion on May 13 to honour   of us on the team. You will be sorely
                 Borders: Diversity in Cannes, said.   making a difference at Cannes. Bryan   actor/director Spike Lee and the   missed Robbie.”✦   Julian Newby
                 Since its 2010 inception, Diversity in   launched The Voice of a Woman (VOW)   producer, author, entrepreneur and
                 Cannes has worked to counteract that   organisation in 2011 to bring work by   advocate for women and infant health,
                 very exclusion by championing   female film-makers to bigger audiences.   Tonya Lee Lewis.
                 the work of film-makers from   Every year, VOW holds a series of talks   These three organisations all share
                 traditionally under-represented groups.   in London, New York and Cannes to   a similar mission — aiding and
                 “We all have stories to tell,   discuss these issues.         encouraging artists to take ownership
                 and I want to see and hear as many   “Such voices need to be heard, and the   of their own experiences and sharing
                 as possible,” Brinkley added.  visibility of these women, who have been   those authentic narratives with the world.
                                                creating films against all kinds of odds, is   “We have to change the whole story,”
                 DIVERSITY DAY                  needed now more than ever,” Bryan said.   Shine said. “Content creators and
                 This Festival, Diversity in Cannes is   VOW also highlights the importance   the stories they tell — that’s where    Prashant Kapoor as Maneesh (left),
                 hosting a number of events aimed at   of including a diverse range of voices   the power is.” ✦
                                                                                                               and Kush Khanna as Paavan
                 expanding representation in cinema.   in film, communications and the arts.      Brenna Donovan and Chloe Teboe  © DR the spirit of Paavan’s late father,

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