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NEWS                                                                                                Saturday 18 May 2019
                                                                                                                                   DAY 5

                 THE BUZZ
                 OF THE DAY                                                                                   ADIDAS TEAMS
                                                                                                              WITH BOLLYWOOD
                                                                                                              TO TELL THE
                                                                                                              STORY OF SOME
                                                                                                              UNLIKELY HEROES

                  LINE UP


                  RETURN OF                                                                                   Jungle Cry by Sagar Ballary  © DR
                                                                                                                    ILMMAKERS, cast and sponsors
                                                                                                                    gathered in Cannes yesterday for
                  THE DEAD                                                                     The Dead Don’t Die  F partnered with the film that
                                                                                                                    the launch of Jungle Cry.
                                                                                                                    Sporting-goods brand adidas has

                © DR                                                                           by Jim Jarmusch  recently completed shooting in India and
                                                                                                              Wales. The film follows the story of Indian
                         HE POPULAR choice of Jim   Cannes with ITN Distribution. In the   demon and turned into a zombie.   rugby team Jungle Crows, made up of1 2
                         Jarmusch’s The Dead Don’t   film, a zombie kept in hiding by his niece   Together they go on the rampage and two   kids from the Kalinga Institute of Social
                         Die as the Festival’s opening   and nephew, becomes famous when the   police officers are assigned to stop them.  Sciences — a home for deprived tribal
                         film underscores a resurgence   world discovers he can talk. As his   And the living dead have even infiltrated   children founded by Achyuta Samanta —
                  T in the marketplace of movies   popularity grows, he is discovered by   the documentary genre. Hungry Eyes   and their triumphant journey to the Junior
                 featuring the un-dead. Reaction to   zombie hunters who want to kidnap him   Media’s Black Zombie traces the cultural   Rugby Nations Cup held in England in
                 Jarmusch’s movie was gentle rather than   and hunt him for sport. ITN also has   origins of zombies, from Haitian folklore   2007. With no previous knowledge of the
                 ecstatic, in part out of respect for the   Kicking Zombie Ass for Jesus, in which a   to Hollywood horror, highlighting how   game, they  were coached by former
                                                                                                              British diplomat Paul Walsh to win their
                 director, but also out of respect for his   miracle pill intended to save the world   they have been misrepresented in cinema   first ever tournament. A group of under-
                 respect for filmmaker George A. Romero,   causes unforeseen side effects, forcing the   over the years. Haiti features in Playtime’s   privileged teenagers playing rugby today
                 who took the genre into the mainstream   surviving gays and Christian   Zombi Child, where a man is brought back   for Jungle Crows make up the on-screen
                 back in 1968 with Night of the Living   fundamentalists in a small Texas town to   from the dead only to be sent to the living   team. “The film shows the very spirit of
                 Dead. Nods to Romero; a cast with   join forces or fall prey to the flesh-craving   hell of the sugarcane fields. In Paris, 55   the original underdog teenage tribal
                 enough left-field icons to satisfy pretty   mutants. Red Sea Media is here with The   years later, a Haitian schoolgirl confesses an   heroes who won the Junior Rugby Nations
                 much everyone (Iggy Pop, Steve Buscemi,   Manson Brothers Midnight Zombie   old family secret to a group of friends –   Cup against South Africa. It is also the
                 Tilda Swinton); a sense of humour; and   Massacre, featuring wrestling’s most hated   never imagining that this strange tale will   same belief that holds true for the kids
                 the nerve to inflict turmoil on the   tag team who find themselves trapped in   convince a classmate to do the   facing the cameras in Jungle Cry,” lead
                 innocent, sleepy Amercian town of   an arena with wrestlers and fans infected   unthinkable. Meanwhile Team Up   actor Abhay Deol said, adding: “adidas
                 Centerville, were together enough to give   with a mutated rabies zombie virus. Adler   Entertainment is proving that no genre is   has always been one of my favourite
                 Jarmusch and the movie the benefit of the   & Associates Entertainment has two   safe from the undead, not even animation.   brands. Having the boys and us don
                 doubt. Elsewhere in Cannes, however,   comedy titles in the genre: There’s No Such   In Zombie Pet Shop, a mysterious plague is   adidas gear was indeed a treat. I fondly
                 there are more extreme examples that   Thing as Zombies and Housewife Alien vs.   turning dogs into zombies. It’s up to Joey, a   remember the boys being very excited to
                 show that the genre has many dimensions.   Gay Zombie, the latter featuring a   pug, to find the antidote that will bring his   lace up.” Directed by Sagar Ballary, the
                 Co-creator of Romero’s classic, John A   murderous housewife resurrected through   four-legged friends back to normal before   film is produced by Bollywood Hollywood
                 Russo, together with Robert Lucas, is   an alien creature and an unhappily   they infect other pets… and even   Production. Producers are Prashant Shah
                 behind My Uncle John is a Zombie, in   married gay man who is possessed by a   humans.✦   Julian Newby  and Jaswant Singh, and associate
                                                                                                              producer is Shabbir Boxwala. “It was a
                                                                                                              pleasure to have adidas on board,” Shah
                                                                                                              said. “The iconic company gave our
                                                                               The Pavilion Design Award ceremony   athletes sportswear, gear and footwear to
                                                                               took place on Thursday 16 at the Café   pump them up for the film, truly giving
                                                                               des Palmes. The jury composed of   the team a global persona.” Emily Shah,
                                                                               Pierre Lescure, Beki Probst and Clara   who plays the part of the team’s
                                                                               Geliot gave the following prizes: the   physiotherapist in the film, also approved
                                                                               Pavilion Design Award 2019 goes to   of the partnership: “adidas is a long-time
                                                                               the Netherlands Pavilion, which has   supporter of the sport of rugby,” she said.
                                                                               been honoured for its outstanding   The movie is set for imminent release in
                                                                               creativity, celebrating the 350th   India and will also be screened at the
                                                                               anniversary of Rembrandt. The jury
                                                                               highlighted the symbolism of the   Rugby World Cup 2019 in Tokyo.✦
                                                                               unique ‘Eye’ Film Institute logo whose             Julian Newby
                                                                               occulus reminds us of both the camera
                                                                               and the audience. The Prix de la Mise
                                                                               en Scène goes to the Cinémas du
                                                                               Monde Pavilion, for the intelligent
                                                                               and colourful work atmosphere the   NEWS  THE  OFFICIAL  DAIL Y
                                                                               Institut Français managed to create.
                                                                               The Prix du Scénario goes to the   JOIN US ON US ON
                                                                               Sweden and Norway Film
                                                                               Commissions for the beauty of the   FACEBOOK
                                                                               story told throughout their refined
                                                                               natural decoration.     

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