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                       BELGIUM                                                                   Le Jeune Ahmed,     TOP 10

                                                                                                 by Jean-Pierre
                  Facts &                                                                        Dardenne and          BELGIUM 2018
                                                                                                                       BOX OFFICE
                                                                                                 Luc Dardenne
                  figures                                                                                           1    The Incredibles 2
                                                                                                                        Jurassic World: Fallen
                  POPULATION                                                                                          Kingdom
                  ●   Belgium: 11,413,203                                                                             537,441
                  ●   Brussels: 1,200,322                                                                               Avengers: Infi nity War
                  ●   Flanders: 6,582,788                                                                           3  481,684
                  ●   Wallonia: 3,630,093                                                                               Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes
                  ●   Total admissions 2018:                                                                        4  of Grindelwald
                   18,790,615                                                                                         457,320
                  ●   2018 Box office:
                   €160,000,000                                                                                     5    Fifty Shades Freed
                  ●   National market share: 11%
                  ●   Admissions for Belgian films:                                                                 6    Jumanji: Welcome to the
                   2,066,900                                                                                          Jungle
                  ●   Number of screens: 525                                                                          422,247
                                                                                                                        Hotel Transylvania 3
                                                                                                                        Bohemian Rhapsody
                                                                                                                        Niet Schieten
                              © DR                                                                                    357,283
                              TWO HEARTS                                                           importance in Wallonia-Brussels. Five years ago, the French-

                                                                                                   speaking public channel RTBF teamed with the Centre du
                                                                                                   Cinéma to create a fund dedicated to locally produced TV
                              BEAT AS ONE                                                          series. The main objective was to provide local content to the
                                                                                                   audiences, but also to develop a real industry, purveying jobs
                                                                                                   and experiences to writers, directors, technicians, and giving
                                                                                                   exposure to Belgian actors and actresses. The first two series
                                                                                                   issued from the fund, The Break and Public Enemy, have
                                                                                                   reached a large audience in Belgium, and have been
                                                                                                   successfully sold abroad. Their second seasons, aired a few
                              BELGIUM EXPLORES NEW CO-PRODUCTION TERRITORIES,                      months ago, pleased their fans as well as the profession. More
                              WHILE DEVELOPING A LOCAL INDUSTRY PARTLY BOOSTED                     than 15 shows are currently in development.
                              BY TELEVISION AND INTERNATIONAL RECOGNITION.                         FLEMISH CINEMA:
                                                                                                   A TWO HEADED HYDRA
                              By Aurore Engelen,                                     At first glance, Flemish cinema may appear as a two-headed
                                                                                                   hydra. On the one side, the international audiences are
                                                                                                   getting familiar with successes such as Alabama Monroe or
                         LTHOUGH Belgium may be a country (and   Guatemalan genocide.              Girl. On the other side, Flemish cinema-goers favour
                         even feel like one when the Belgian football team   Wallonia-Brussels has to ‘share’ a market with their French   productions intended for a very local market, such as
                         plays), in terms of the cinema industry, it divides   neighbours: it means most of the locally produced movies are   TV-series adaptations or children movies. Obviously, this
                         in two countries, right along the linguistic   in direct concurrence with French movies, but it also means   dichotomy isn’t that Manichean, and festival favourites do
                  A frontier. Audiences and authors: the Belgian   that Belgian films (may) find a natural audience in France. In   often meet their audience back home, such as Girl which
                 cinematographic industry is well and alive, strongly supported   the meantime, Wallonia-Brussels producers have become   attracted 275,000 spectators in Belgium.
                 by content-oriented cultural institutions such as the Vlaams   champions of co-production. While France has been a natural   TV Flemish productions, which have been strongly running
                 Audiovisueel Fonds and the Centre du Cinéma et de   partner in the past, they now expand their collaborations   both on public and private channels for more than two
                 l’Audiovisuel, as well as industry-oriented regional funds   elsewhere in Europe but also worldwide with Canada, the   decades, have contributed to create a real star system.
                 (Wallimage, and Screen Flanders), and the   Maghreb, or even South America, with a strong attention put   Flemish actors, while enjoying a tremendous popularity,
                 unavoidable Tax Shelter.                 on genre movies. See for example Vivarium by the Irish   jump indifferently from the small to the big screen. And the
                                                          director Lorcan Finnegan, selected this year in the Critics’   same is true for writers or directors. This results in a long-
                 CINEMA MADE IN WALLONIA                  Week, co-produced in Belgium by Frakas Production.   term relationship between the Flemish audiences and its
                 BRUSSELS: HARVESTING AWARDS              Two French-speaking movies attracted a large audience in   talents. The third installment of FC de Kampioenen, an
                 WHILE TURNING TOWARDS                    Belgium in 2018: Mon Ket, from actor-turned-director   adaptation of a Flemish sitcom that lasted for 21 years, has
                 THE SMALL SCREEN                         François Damiens; and So Help Me God (Ni juge ni soumise),   attracted more than 600,000 spectators.
                 Even though they will take part for the eighth(!) time in the   a documentary by Yves Hinant and Jean Libon. Both movies   Last but not least, Flemish talents travel well. Think about
                 Official Selection this year with Le Jeune Ahmed, it’s not all   have a strong common point: they’ve been inspired by TV   Matthias Schoenaerts… This year’s box-office champions,
                 about the Dardenne brothers. Lots of directors have emerged  shows. Mon Ket revives the memory of François l’Embrouille,   Adil El Arbi and Bilall Fallah (365,000 entries for Gangsta)
                 in the last few years, and the Cannes Film Festival continues   a very popular character created by Damiens who made   are working in Belgium as well as in the US (they’ve just
                 to shed a light on them. 2018 saw the success of Guillaume   French and Belgium audiences laugh out loud in the   finished shooting Bad Boys III), just as Felix Van Groeningen
                 Senez’s second feature, Our Struggles, sold all around the   noughties, while So Help Me God is the transposition on the   who released his first American movie this year (Beautiful
                 world. The Critics’ Week will focus this year on César Diaz’s   big screen of the cult documentary TV show Strip-Tease.   Boy with Steve Carrell and Timothée Chalamet). And we
                 first feature, Nuestras Madres, about the little known   One has to say that TV shows have gained more and more   stopped counting Flemish directors directing international

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