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                                                                                                                      Monday 20 May 2019

                  FIVE PRODUCERS TO WATCH                                                               FIVE UPCOMING FILMS

                  A TEAM PRODUCTIONS                      ACID selection. In 2017, Frakas was presenting
                                                          Grave by Julia Ducournau. The company        ADORATION, BY FABRICE DU WELZ
                  A Team Productions has been founded in 2009 by   specialises in genre movies directed by   Adoration is the last of Du Welz’s Ardennes
                  Hendrik Verthé and Kobe Van Steenberghe, and has   international authors, and will shortly start   trilogy, strong genre movies suffused with
                  produced short fi lms, documentaries and feature   shooting no less than four Belgian feature fi lms:   consuming passion. It follows the story of
                  fi lms with a focus on reaching wide audiences.   Sans Soleil (Banu Akseki), La Ruche (Christophe   Paul, 14, who lives with his mother, a maid in
                  Their latest productions include co-directors Adil El   Hermans), Inexorable (Fabrice du Welz) and Le   a mental hospital. One day a new patient
                  Arbi and Bilall Fallah’s Black (2016) and Gangsta   Calendrier (Patrick Ridremont).  arrives, Gloria, a young teenage girl of the
                  (2018), as well as Sven Huybrecht’s U-235 (2019).                                    same age who is strange and fascinating. Paul
                  Hendrik Verthé has been selected for this year’s   SAVAGE FILM                       falls deeply in love with her. So much in love
                  Producers on the Move in Cannes.                                                     that he will run away with her, far from the
                                                          Savage Film, founded in 2007 by Bart Van     adult world.
                  CLIN D’OEIL FILMS                       Langendonck established itself internationally in
                                                          2012 with Michaël R. Roskam’s Bullhead. Faithful
                  Hanne Phlypo’s Clin d’oeil Films recently got   companion to the Flemish director, Savage has   CLEO, BY EVA COOLS
                  noticed with a couple of successful documentaries   recently produced Le Fidèle, seen in Venice.
                  hitting big fi lm festivals, such as By the Name of   Savage will soon release Patrick, Tim Mielants’   Seventeen-year-old Cleo survived a hit-and-
                  Tania by Mary Jimenez and Bénédicte Liénard, and   fi rst feature, with the new fl emish star Kevin   run accident in which both her parents lost
                  Manu by Emmanuelle Bonmariage, selected at   Janssens, and is also developing the new Roskam   their lives. Her grandmother (acclaimed
                  IDFA. Her work puts a strong focus on creative   project, a Sylvia Kristel biopic, as well as Veerle   Belgian actress Yolande Moreau) tries to offer
                  documentaries and author-driven fi lms. She is   Baetens’s fi rst movie, The Melting.  Cleo and her brother a warm and comfortable
                  currently producing Dreaming Walls by Amélie Van                                     home, but she ends up bearing the brunt of a
                  Elbmt and Maya Duverdier, and The Falling Sky by  WRONG MEN FILM                     rebellious teenager who searches for comfort
                  Pieter Van Eecke.                                                                    with the mysterious Leos. Cleo is Eva Cools’
                                                          Wrong Men Film, launched seven years ago in   fi rst feature.
                  FRAKAS PRODUCTION                       Brussels by Benoît Roland, is currently working
                                                          with some of the more promising young Belgian   JUMBO, BY ZOÉ WITTOCK
                  It’s been three years in a row that Frakas   talents. Wrong Men recently received the Cesar
                  Production has seen its productions selected in   for the best short movie for Les Petites Mains, and   Jeanne (Noémie Merlant), a shy young woman,
                  Cannes. This year, the company founded by   should soon release Lola Vers la Mer by Laurent   works as a night guard in an amusement park.
                  Jean-Yves Roubin co-produces Atlantique   Micheli, is now shooting Rachel Lang’s second   She has a binding relationship with her
                  (Offi cial Selection) and Vivarium (Critics’ Week).   feature Mon Légionnaire, and is developing Valery   mother, the outgoing Margarette (Emmanuelle
                  Last year, Alone at My Wedding, the fi rst feature   Rosier’s next feature, as well as for Emmanuel   Bercot). While no man can fi nd a place within
                  produced by Cassandre Warnauts was part of the   Marre and Valentina Maurel.         this duo, Jeanne develops a strange
                                                                                                       relationship with Jumbo, the new star
                                                                                                       attraction of the park. An intriguing pitch for
                                                                                                       Zoe Wittock’s fi rst feature.
                                                                                      Royal Corgi,
                                                                                      by Ben Stassen
                                                                                      and Vincent      THE BAREFOOT EMPEROR, BY PETER
                                                                                      Kesteloot        BROSENS & JESSICA WOODWORTH

                                                                                                       Peter Brosens and Jessica Woodworth offer a
                                                                                                       sequel to their festival hit King of the
                                                                                                       Belgians. After suffering a gunshot wound to
                                                                                                       the ear during an unfortunate incident in
                                                                                                       Sarajevo, the King (impressive Peter Van den
                                                                                                       Begin) wakes up on a Croatian island, once
                                                                                                       Tito’s famed summer residence. While he tries
                                                                                                       to escape from the island to save his Kingdom,
                © DR                                                                                   an envoy arrives announcing that the King has
                                                                                                       been chosen to become the fi rst Emperor of a
                 TV series (Giles Coulier and War of the Worlds, Tim Mielants   with the big American studios.  nationalist Nova Europa. Fed up with others
                 and Peaky Blinders, Jakob Verbruggen and House of   Behind the scene of this huge international success, Belgium   determining his destiny, the King takes
                 Cards…).                                 has a well-renowned animation industry, sheltering many   matters into his own hands. Geraldine Chaplin,
                                                          international projects, such as Another Day of Life (Official   Udo Kier and young Belgian actress Lucie
                 CARTOON BELGIUM                          Selection, Cannes 2018), or the long-awaited Ari Folman’s   Debay are also part of this new adventure.
                 Besides the big names which represent Belgian cinema   Anne Frank’s Diaries: The Graphic Adaptation, currently
                 abroad, there’s a sector which has been particularly dynamic  being produced in Brussels. Belgian animation takes   WORKING GIRLS (FILLES DE JOIE),
                 these last few years. Let’s have a look back in 2008. A few   multiple forms, from Patar and Aubier’s crazy adventures   BY FRÉDÉRIC FONTEYNE
                 months before Avatar crashes the box-office, a pretty special  (the A Town Called Panic series), to hand-made stop-motion
                 movie hits the theatres: Fly Me to the Moon is the first (and   gem La Bague au Doigt by Gerlando Infuso, last year’s   Frédéric Fonteyne re-unites a strong female
                 last) feature ever to be screened uniquely in 3D. The movie   Cannes discovery This Magnificent Cake! by Emma de Swaef   cast (Sara Forestier, Noémie Lvovksy and
                 grosses more than $40m, and establishes its director and   and Marc James Roels, the short programmes La Chouette   Annabelle Lengronne) for this summer tale in
                 producer Ben Stassen as a specialist in the 3D field. nWave   du Cinéma targeted at very young audiences, or the   which three women who have nothing in
                 Production then releases seven more movies, all of them   numerous works of students from the renowned La Cambre   common share a little bit more than a secret:
                 attracting large audiences throughout the world. The last   or the KASK.              in order to live a dignifi ed life on one side of
                 one in date, Royal Corgi, has garnered more than 250,000  The RTBF and the Centre du Cinéma have recently   the border, in Roubaix, they work as
                 spectators in Belgium, being their biggest success to date.   launched a new fund for animated TV series, and while the   prostitutes on the other, in Belgium.
                 The movie will be released in more than 60 countries.   Flandriens of Animation where in the spotlight at Cartoon
                 nWave is a unique structure in Europe, offering independent  Movie in 2017, the next Cartoon Forum will put a spotlight
                 distributors worldwide successful family movies to compete   on Wallonia-Brussels productions.✦

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