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NEWS                                                                                                 Tuesday 21 May 2019
                                                                                                                                   DAY 8

                 THE BUZZ

                 OF THE DAY                                                    Spike Lee with Mia Frye,       INDIE FILM
                                                                               star of Luc Besson’s
                                                                               The Dancer in Cannes.          HIT AFTER
                                                                               will celebrate its achievements with the   GETS SEQUEL
                                                                               inaugural Diversity in Cannes Global
                                                                               Excellence Film Awards.        AT VOLTAGE
                                                                               “At a time when worldwide
                                                                               representation of women, people of     HE HIGHEST grossing
                                                                               colour and other marginalised groups in   independent film of 2019,
                                                                               film is disproportionate to the general   After, is getting a sequel. it
                                                                               market, I am committed to the fight for   was announced in Cannes.
                                                                               diversity and inclusion, by any means   T Stars Josephine Langford and
                                                                               necessary, at the Cannes Film Festival,”   Hero Fiennes Tiffin will reprise their roles as
                                                                               said Yolonda Brinkley, creator of   Tessa and Hardin in this new adult
                                                                               Diversity in Cannes. “While Hollywood   romance that originally brought in over
                                                                               and the global film community have   $50m at the international box office.
                                                                               recently jumped on the diversity   Voltage is launching sales on the sequel in
                                                                               bandwagon, I am proud to celebrate 10   Cannes. After opened at number-one in
                                                                               years of pioneering inclusion and I’m   17 countries and has since taken over
                                                                               grateful for the global supporters who   $7.7m in France, over $8.2m in Germany
                                                                               inspire my continuous efforts to showcase   and $7m in Italy. Other high-performing
                                                                             © DR  and celebrate under-represented voices at   territories include Russia, which took of
                                                                               the Cannes Film Festival, the world’s
                                                                                                              $2.8m, Benelux which took over $1.4m
                 DIVERSITY                                                     most prestigious film industry event.”  and Scandinavia which took over $2.7m.
                                                                               Expanding the inclusion efforts to the
                                                                                                              The producers are Anna Todd, the author
                                                                               Palais des Festivals, Diversity in Cannes
                                                                                                              of the international bestselling novel on
                 IN CANNES                                                     will host two professional screenings in   which the film is based, Jennifer Gibgot
                                                                               the Cannes Short Film Corner. The
                                                                                                              (17 Again, Step Up), Wattpad’s Aron Levitz
                                                                               Global Women of Color film collection
                                                                                                              and Eric Lehrman, Andrew Panay,
                                                                               will be screened Wednesday, 22 May at
                                                                                                              CalMaple’s Mark Canton (Den of Thieves,
                 CELEBRATES                                                    15.30, followed by the Black Lives Black   300) and Courtney Solomon (Cake, An
                                                                                                              American Haunting). Voltage’s Nicolas
                                                                               Stories Matter Screening.
                                                                                                              Chartier and Jonthan Deckter will
                                                                               In the midst of the multiple screenings
                 10 YEARS                                                      and awards, Diversity in Cannes has   executive-produce. Anna Todd, in addition
                                                                               planned a lively after-party Tuesday, May
                                                                                                              to serving as producer, has written the
                                                                                                              script with Mario Celaya. “We’ve already
                                                                               21, 2019 at a secret location, featuring
                                                                               the music of celebrity DJ Trauma, who
                                                                               currently tours with comedians Dave   seen what this magic mix of a compelling
                                                                                                              narrative, extremely hardworking talent
                         HE 10TH edition of the   programme consists of two short-film   Chappelle and Tiffany Haddish, and has   and insatiable fans can do at the box office
                         Diversity in Cannes    showcases, an awards reception, the   worked with tennis superstar Serena   on After,” Deckter said. “We partnered
                         programme, the independent   international premiere of Made in His   Williams as well Jay-Z and Beyoncé.  with incredibly strategic international
                         global film movement   Image, an anti-bullying film by 12-year-  This year’s initiative is presented with   distributors on the first installment of
                  T promoting inclusion at the   old Anah Ambuchi, and an all-star film   support from Viola Davis’ JuVee   After, who were able to unlock the film’s
                 Cannes Film Festival, will run for three   panel featuring Rob Morgan and Yolonda   Productions; director, Crystle C.   immense value and we can’t wait to get
                 days from May 20-22.           Ross of the film Bull, an Official   Roberson; Upscale Magazine; actor and   back to work on the second.” Anna Todd
                 The line-up includes Diversity Day on   Selection of the Festival. Immediately   producer Julius Tennon; and AfroLife.  added: “I am beyond excited to begin the
                 20 May at the Radisson Blu Hotel. The   following the panel, Diversity in Cannes   TV.✦   Liza Foreman  sequel to After! The fans made the first
                                                                                                              film a worldwide success and we are ready
                                                                                                              to bring them more of Hardin and Tessa in
                                                                                                              the sequel. This next film will truly capture
               EXCLUSIVE                                                                                      the heart and feel of the books.”  The
                                 GERMAN PRODUCTION CO. WEYDEMANN
                                                                                                              After sequel is the latest film to be added
                 BROS. GREENLIGHTS INTERNATIONAL SLATE                                                        to Voltage’s production and sales slate for
                                                                                                              Cannes.  The company recently launched
                                                                                                              sales on the action-thriller The Minuteman
                 NAMED one of Variety’s 10 Producers To   rollercoaster of feelings and alienating   Germany, where the clock is ticking for   starring Liam Neeson and the gangster
                 Watch for 2019, German production   friends and work colleagues.  Kai Müller. His psychotic, violent brother   biopic Lansky starring Harvey Keitel, Emory
                 entity, Weydemann Bros. is moving full-  An August/September 2019 shoot is   Mirko has just been granted an early   Cohen, Sam Worthington and Austin
                 steam ahead with a new slate.  planned in Leipzig and Berlin, in German.   release from prison and by the afternoon,   Stowell. ✦
                 New projects include Sarah Blaßkiewitz’s   Broadcaster ZDF is backing the film, with   he is expected come around to collect the      Liza Foreman
                 feature debut Schoko (Brownie) which is   the regional fund MDM Mitteldeutsche   money Kai has been holding for him.
                 set to star Haley Louise Jones. Jones will   Medienförderung and Kuratorium Junger   There is just one problem — all of the
                 play a 30-year-old woman of African   Deutscher Film.         money’s been spent. Welcome to a day in
                 descent whose life in Leipzig is turned   Run by the Wedemann brothers, Jakob   the life of Kai Müller — husband, father,
                 upside-down by the arrival of an   and Jonas (and producers Yvonne Wellie   and employee in a chicken-processing
                 unknown half-sister who announces the   and Milena Klemke), the company is also   factory in the outskirts of Duisburg. Two   NEWS  THE  OFFICIAL  DAIL Y
                 death of their father. Lorna Ishema, Anne   backing Damian John Harper’s third   very different brothers have a problem to
                 Haug, Maximilian Brauer, and Anneke Kim   feature,  Fresh, which is an adaptation of   solve.  JOIN
                                                                                                               JOIN US ON US ON
                 Sarnau round out the cast.     Scottish writer Mark McNay’s award-  The German-language film is planned to
                 The sisters have to get to know each   winning novel of the same name. For the   shoot in 2020 in North Rhine-Westphalia   FACEBOOK
                 other before negotiating a potential trip   big-screen adaptation, the film is   in Germany. The project is also backed by
                 to the funeral in Africa, triggering a   relocating from its Glasgow setting to   broadcaster ZDF. ✦   Liza Foreman

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