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NEWS                                                                                                 Tuesday 21 May 2019
                                                                                                                                   DAY 8

                THE CANNES Q&A:

                                                                               TOM ARA
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                                                                               CO CHAIR OF DLA PIPER’S  ENTERTAINMENT FINANCE
                                                                               PRACTICE AND CHAIR OF THE FIRM’S ENTERTAINMENT
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                      Katya Mizorska


                What does your company do?      markets. Here in Cannes we have an
                Roskino promotes Russian movies all   updated catalogue of Doors presented at    Tom Ara
                around the world. We are the only Russian   our booth at Lerins M9.
                company to do so and we’ve been doing                          Tell us about your company. What   and providing sage industry advice.
                that for 95 years. We assist Russian   What are your plans for this film   do you do?
                filmmakers and producers with their   festival?                We are a global media and entertainment   How was the past year in business
                commercial releases abroad, work at   There’s a lot of things going on. The   practice with an emphasis on film and   for you?
                festivals, markets and awards, facilitate   Russian Pavilion has a line-up of 15 events:   television transactions and capabilities   Incredibly active. We have advised on
                international co-productions and also work   press conferences by Russian participants of   throughout the US, UK, Germany, Italy,   numerous acquisition and sale
                in the opposite direction, encouraging   the festival, showcases of new projects by   Hungary, UAE, China and Hong Kong.  transactions and various forms of
                international filmmakers to participate in   Russian producers, a discussion panel on         financing transactions. We advise Disney
                local film festivals and events taking place in   global trends in film industry. The booth at   How important is the Cannes   on key aspects of its acquisition of the
                Russia. Since 2012 we’ve been running a   the Palais unites more than 35 Russian   market for you and your firm?  Fox assets and played an instrumental
                Russian Film Commission based in LA and   production companies. We are introducing   For our clients who are selling, buying or   role in a number of original productions
                we initiated the Moscow Film Commission   six up-and-coming producers from Russia   financing films, it is imperative that we   for Netflix, Amazon and others.
                together with the city government of   at a Producers Network event and they   are present at the market to advise on
                Moscow. We organise nine stands Roskino   pitch their projects for international   real-time opportunities and issues. We   What are your company’s focus
                – Russian Cinema worldwide every year.   co-production at the pavilion. Another   also have extensive relationships with   and goals for the coming year?
                                                project that we present in Cannes annually   global industry participants that we can   Our team joined DLA Piper recently to
                How important is the Cannes     is Global Russians — a selection of the best   maintain and strengthen during the   establish an foothold in Hollywood from
                market for you?                 Russian shorts of the year. This time we   market without having to travel many   which the rest of the firm’s practice can
                The Russian Pavilion in Cannes is one of   partnered with Sberbank for this initiative,   distant locations.  grow and prosper. We plan to continue
                our most important initiatives. The mission   and the shorts were made exclusively for        those efforts and expand locally and
                of Roskino is to open the doors for talented   our inclusivity project, Film Education   What other markets do you   internationally.
                filmmakers into an international   Without Borders.            attend?
                community, and there is no better place for                    AFM, MIPTV/MIPCOM and Hong     How many Cannes Film Festivals
                it than in Cannes.              How many Cannes Film Festivals   Kong Filmart. We also frequently attend   have you attended?
                                                have you attended?             TIFF and Tribeca.              This will be my 15th (non-consecutive)
                What other markets do you attend?  This is the 12th year that Roskino has                     year!
                EFM in Berlin, AFM in Los Angeles, TIFF   officially represented Russia in Cannes. We   What are the most intriguing
                market, MIPCOM, MIPTV, Venice   hope there’s many more years ahead. And   trends you see in the film industry   Best Cannes film ever?
                Production Bridge, Filmart in Hong Kong,   for me personally it’s the 18th year.  today?      Pulp Fiction.
                Content London, the Location show in                           Continued convergence of non-
                London, among others. In 2014 we held   Best and worst Cannes films ever?  entertainment sectors such as technology   Biggest gripe on the Riviera?
                the Saint Petersburg International Media   Best: Pulp Fiction — it changed the world;   and telecoms with the media and   Tourists. Every year they flood the
                Forum, with film and television markets as   and The Cranes Are Flying, still the only   entertainment industry.  Croisette and make it difficult to sprint
                a part of it, and over 2,700 guests from all   Palm d’Or for Russian movies in Cannes.        back and forth between meetings which
                over the world. We also organise our own   Worst: They happen sometimes but who   What is your mission in Cannes?  always seem to take place at opposite
                international film market, Doors — as a   remembers them! ✦    The same as every year — helping clients   ends of the Croisette! ✦
                separate event and within international             Liza Foreman  with their legal needs during the market        Liza Foreman

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